ISIS threat: To defend Western values requires victory -- a word Obama never uses

Critics slam president's 'manageable' remarks


In a conversation some years ago, the Rev. Jesse Jackson was comparing different levels of commitment to civil rights. “Think of a ham-and-egg breakfast,” he said. “The pig makes a much bigger commitment than the chicken.”

After I stopped laughing, I saw his point. And now President Obama has reminded me of it.

It is too kind to give the president credit for even a shaky commitment to a stable world order. Through hesitancy, dithering and denial, he didn’t even bother to fiddle while Rome burned. He golfed and went to fund-raisers.


Now that much of the whole planet is burning, the president says he’s ready to lead the counterattack. But his record makes it impossible to believe he suddenly sees the light and is committed to combatting Russian aggression and the Islamic State. And that’s just for starters — Iran’s game-changing nuclear program is waiting in the wings.

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Michael Goodwin is a Fox News contributor and New York Post columnist.