You're looking at a picture of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, just hours after the people of Virginia delivered a fatal blow to the very heart of the Washington elite class. 

The establishment class who brazenly thought their terms would never end. No matter how bad things got. And no matter how poorly they represented the American people.

Eric Cantor got trounced Tuesday night in a stunning primary defeat by Dave Brat, an economics professor who ran on simple, yet basic conservative ideas: Free our markets, repeal ObamaCare and close our borders rather than offer amnesty to illegals.


Before the left gets on their soap boxes and declares that the GOP is in disarray, they should realize Cantor was defeated Tuesday night. Not by the Tea Party. Nor by amnesty.

Eric Cantor was tripped up by his own inauthenticity. It was his own brazen disregard for the people of Virginia. And his own greed. A lust to be the next speaker of the House.

Eric Cantor forgot the most important rule in leadership: win your district, Representative, then worry about your leadership status.

That's the tone the Washington “elite” are deaf to...


Don’t worry about Eric Cantor. He’s likely to have plenty of company at the establishment country club bar. The tee times will be tight, as more and more D.C. elites get the message the hard way: 

Here it is: 

“WE, the people… demand results from YOU, the elected. If not, hit the road, make room for  real conservative values: smaller government; freer markets; lower taxes, reform not amnesty.”

Of course, this is just my opinion…

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