Food for thought on the American dream this Thanksgiving

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That is the essence of the American Dream. 

Our founding fathers came to this country to create a republic that would enable people to fulfill their dream. The Declaration of Independence itself is a document that expresses an adamant demand to be free from the tyranny of selfish leaders or despots who would try to subjugate people to live in servitude or the hollowness of living with low expectations. Nonsense they cried! 

The founding fathers and mothers were bold and courageous. They dreamed of living for a higher ideal, to live their lives to their greatest potential. At great peril, they challenged Kings and Armies that threatened to kill them for daring to dream they could live free. Give me liberty or give me death became their battle cry for winning the revolution that ultimately gave birth to the United States of America. 

It all started with a rag tag mix of pilgrims who were desperate enough for freedom that they risked everything to see their dream for freedom of religion, freedom from oppressive and intrusive government, and freedom to pursue their own destiny become a reality.  

Remarkably, these early settlers facing the daunting challenges of living in a brave new world took refuge in their faith in God. They were grateful for having their families and new found friendships with native Americans, who helped them survive in this new wilderness of promise. They prayed and broke bread together to give thanks to God. Families and friends expressing gratitude for the bounty of freedom that we still enjoy today. Happy Thanksgiving!

Kelly Wright is a general assignment reporter for Fox News Channel (FNC), based in the Washington, D.C. bureau. He is also a co-host on "America's News Headquarters" on Saturdays (1:00-2:00 PM/ET). Wright previously served as a co-host on "Fox & Friends Weekend." Click here for more information on Kelly Wright