Soul Food

Why we can't live without encouraging words

Encouragement is like air -- you can’t live without it. Without encouragement, there can be no empowerment for living a full and abundant life. 

Everyone needs an encouraging word. 

It inspires us to develop faith, hope and love for the future.  A discouraging word will steal, kill and destroy us, dragging us down into a sea of mendacity.


That’s what concerns me about the state of America right now. We are in short supply of encouragement.

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Some recent studies show a decline in America’s collective mood. One such study, Rasmussen Reports reveals that nearly half (49%) are pessimistic about America’s future. They believe that America’s best days are in the past.

I am reminded of a proverb from the country of Ghana which states; “the ruin of a nation begins in the homes of its people.” 

What it means is that we the people have the power to make our country better or to tear it down with what we think, say and do. Home is where the heart is. If the home is filled with hatred, discord, factions and unrest, then it will produce a chaotic mess.

If we grow up in such a home, we will take the mess with us to our jobs, our institutions and our houses of worship. 

Garbage in-garbage out! 

We can blame the president, congress and other leaders for the palpable anxiety in our land but we really need to take time out and look at the person in the mirror. It’s tough to admit but we the people are the cause of the trouble we’re in.

We can and must do better. Yes, I know we have problems that appear to be overwhelming and beyond our control. 

The ill winds of uncertainty are blowing the seeds of doubt into virtually every area of our lives; family, neighborhoods, cities, states and the nation. 

On all fronts, we seem to be feeding our fears and starving our faith. We can and must do better.

We find ourselves in need of stronger civic and moral leadership; men and women who are willing to believe that the greatness of a nation can begin in the homes of its people.

The circumstances we go through cloud our minds with doubt and confusion. They produce negative thoughts that cause us to look at the world through the lens of sarcasm and cynicism.

Ugh! Such stinkin’ thinkin’ only pollutes our minds with toxins. We need to cleanse our hearts and minds of such pollutants. Encouragement is an essential element for cleansing the soul.

If thinking makes the person then we should start with developing some encouraging thoughts. 

The Bible encourages us to be glad, not anxious about anything. In other words, live life to the fullest.

When things go wrong, or the future looks dark, don’t allow anxiety to steal your joy. Keep the faith that you will overcome adversity. Keep your mind focused on achieving your goals.

Faced with daunting life and death situations, the Apostle Paul always maintained a victorious attitude saying; “Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable -- if anything is excellent or praiseworthy -- dwell on such things.” So be encouraged!

 Think of yourself as being a diamond in the rough. Keep in mind that a diamond is merely a lump of coal that did well under pressure.

Kelly Wright is a general assignment reporter for Fox News Channel (FNC), based in the Washington, D.C. bureau. He is also a co-host on "America's News Headquarters" on Saturdays (1:00-2:00 PM/ET). Wright previously served as a co-host on "Fox & Friends Weekend." Click here for more information on Kelly Wright