Editor's note: The following commentary is a transcription of an interview by anchor Bret Baier with Fox News contributor and Democratic strategist Joe Trippi on Fox News Channel on Saturday, August 11.

I think Paul Ryan is a great pick. It's the pick I would have urged Mitt Romney to make. I am not talking as a partisan -- the Democrats wanted Ryan. I really think it is a chance to have a real debate, the country needs to have, regardless of who wins it.

Ryan helps put the issues front and center.  

It will make the fight -- on both sides -- on taxes, cuts and entitlements and the things we need to have.

That's why I really do commend Romney on the pick. It was a bold choice. It will energize both sides though. There will be a lot of rank and file Democrats that will be pretty excited to start the fight today as well.  

Joe Trippi is a Fox News contributor and political strategist who has worked for Ted Kennedy, Walter Mondale and Gary Hart and turned Howard Dean into an unlikely presidential front runner in 2004. For more visit JoeTrippi.com. Tweet him your thoughts @joetrippi