Obama -- what the mainstream media is missing

The Tea Party is alive and kicking. To be specific, it’s kicking out establishment politicians who support big government and big spending. Even Republican politicians are getting the boot. I predict November 6 will bring the biggest Tea Party victory of all.   

As both a successful Las Vegas oddsmaker and political pundit in the national media, I made a bold prediction about two months ago. I predicted Obama would lose by a landslide. What is amazing to me is the biased national media is so delusional they don’t even recognize the citizen revolution that is happening before their very eyes. This landslide Romney victory will be fueled by the same Tea Party that roared to life Tuesday in Texas.

Unknown Ted Cruz won the Texas GOP Senate primary in a huge upset on Tuesday night. It was a Tea Party landslide. A preview of what is coming in November. Cruz is an unknown lawyer who has never held an elected office. Worse he had very little money to spend. Yet Cruz badly beat the favored establishment candidate Texas Lt. Governor David Dewhurst. And get this -- Dewhurst spent $24.5 million of his personal fortune -- and he still lost big. 

But wait, it gets better! Dewhurst was endorsed by Texas Governor Rick Perry, former Arkansas Governor and Fox News star and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, establishment GOP stars from all over the country, and big business interests from all over the state of Texas. But none of it mattered. The Tea Party ran Dewhurst over like roadkill.

Ted Cruz had the secret weapon: TEA PARTY POWER. He was endorsed by Sarah Palin, Tea Party U.S. Senator Jim DeMint, and Tea Party activists from all over Texas.

The mainstream media still doesn’t get it. They are too busy trying to make a big issue out of Romney telling the truth about the London Olympics and the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. It really is hilarious. The lamestream media is truly clueless.

They think Romney’s tax returns are a big issue, while real people just don’t care. As a matter of fact this Vegas oddsmaker will bet real money that far more Americans care about Obama’s mysterious past -- including his birth certificate, Social Security number, and sealed college records -- than Romney’s tax returns.

Here’s what the clueless biased frauds in the national media are missing: President Obama has alienated patriotic, church-going, middle America. And with every move, he makes it worse. You see Obama doesn't understand science -- for each reaction, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Obama keeps trying to bribe his voters. But the harder he tries...the worse he alienates middle class Americans.

Did the media not notice that Obama demanded Catholic institutions violate their own sacred moral values to provide contraception for women? Well Catholic voters sure noticed. I predict Catholic voters will provide a huge edge for Mitt Romney.

Did the media not notice Obama trying to dismantle work requirements for Americans on welfare? I guarantee you that middle class Americans who work for a living noticed.

Did the media not notice Obama teaming up with the president of Mexico to ask more illegal aliens inside America to apply for food stamps? I guarantee you that middle class Americans who work for a living noticed.

Did the media not notice that Obama gave amnesty to one million young illegal immigrants – adding them to a tight workforce to compete with legal Americans for jobs…in the middle of a Great Depression. I guarantee you that middle class Americans who work for a living noticed.

Did the media not notice that after Obama’s Supreme Court health care victory, several new reports emerged proving the cost of ObamaCare is far higher than advertised by Obama. Or that several companies have announced they will not build new plants because of the cost of Obamacare? I guarantee you that middle class Americans who work for a living noticed.

Most remarkably, is it possible that the media did not notice that Obama created a new government department last week just for African American students? Are you kidding me? An Executive Order to benefit one race of students? Can you even imagine Mitt Romney announcing an Office of White Education? Or how about an Executive Order by Romney to create The Office of Mormon Education? Can you imagine the outcry from the liberal media?

But the mainstream media said nothing about Obama’s new Executive Order. Zero. Zip. Nada. They ignored one of the most blatant acts by any president in modern American history. A game changer. I guarantee you middle class white American parents noticed. The latest Rasmussen poll shows Romney up by 20 points among white voters. Coincidence?

I’m betting the media still doesn’t have a clue what’s happening and why.

But on Nov 6, the final score will reflect the cluelessness of America’s media: Tea Party 100. Mainstream Media 0.