The Justice Department won’t retry John Edwards for breaking campaign finance laws. 


So what if a politician spends campaign money trying to hide an affair? What difference does it make if he spent his contributors’ money on deceitful political ads or other deceit? 

However, Edwards should go to jail for what he did to America. Especially to women. 

Before Edwards became a slick politician, he was a slick trial lawyer. He sued doctors, claiming their reluctance to do Caesarian sections caused cerebral palsy. The babies, he said, were deprived of oxygen.

With one jury, he impersonated an injured baby in a womb: 

I feel her presence. She’s inside me, and she’s talking to you, [and she’s saying] ‘I’m having problems, I need out!’

The jury returned a $6.5 million verdict. 

Edwards and others made millions off lawsuits like that. That’s the real scandal. Doctors now perform more C-Sections because they fear lawsuits. The percentage of C-sections surged from 6% of all births to about 30%. 

This raised costs, and increased women’s pain, hospital stays, and risk of death. Did the increase in Cesarians at least reduce the rate of cerebral palsy? No. Not a bit.

Oops. Edwards’ theory was almost certainly wrong.

So did he give the money back? No. Of course not. They never do.

What personal injuries lawyers do legally harms America much more than any campaign finance violation. 

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