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Farewell to Jan Berenstain

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Monday we said goodbye to Jan Berenstain, co-creator of "The Berenstain Bears." Her legacy will live on. 

Jan and Stan Berenstain were all about family values. They met on the very first day at art school in 1941. 

It was love at first sight. 

But a world war got in the way. 

And Stan and Jan had to wait five years to tie the knot.

It wasn’t long before they were drawing cartoons for the Saturday Evening Post and Colliers magazine.

In 1962, Stan and Jan decided to create a children’s book. A story about a family of lovable human-like bears.

"The Big Honey Hunt" was their first book — and it's still in print. More than three hundred more books followed – along with TV specials, cartoons and toys.

The jokes may not travel well, Jan once said – but family humor does. 

Stan died back in 2005. 

And Jan died just a few days ago. But their legacy will live on. And so will those bears.

You probably have one of their books.

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