Obama's Bunker Mentality Sank Him On Tuesday

Two years after Barack Obama swept into office and Democrats regaled the country with silly stories about a political realignment that would change the course of politics, voters last night sent Democrats packing in dozens of House districts around the country.

That realignment promise turned out to be a bit like Karl Rove’s earlier claims of a pending "permanent Republican majority."

When will both parties start listening to voters? They keep misreading elections to mean that somehow the country has suddenly shifted to believe that one party’s ideology is sacrosanct.
Guess what? In 2006 voters didn’t suddenly become liberal ideologues. Not in 2008, either. 

They got fed up with George Bush and Republicans and decided to try something different.

They gave Dems a try -- and again got fed up, so last night they threw them out to give Republicans a chance.

We’ve now seen three wave elections in a row, a historic anomaly. It seems pretty clear that voters are wildly unhappy with Washington — and for good reason. In CNN’s exit polls, only 43 percent of voters had a positive opinion of Democrats, and 41 percent of the GOP.

They’re willing to give Republicans control of the House, but there’s little doubt they’ll be just as willing to throw them out again. They haven’t given anyone carte blanche to pursue their partisan interests or to consolidate their power.

A series of decisions by the White House sealed the Democrats’ fate. And it all grew out of an oversized sense of support from the American people and a dangerous belief that President Obama could overcome any difficulties with speeches and persuasion.

Kirsten Powers is a New York Post columnist and Fox News political analyst. To continue reading her column in the New York Post, click here