Five Favorite Things In 2009



5. The "O"ministration - (Apologies to Fox News' Harris Faulkner who coined the term...)
Without the comic relief that has been the Obama administration, this year would've been too much to handle. It's been bad enough that he's broken or left unkept nearly every promise he campaigned on. He added to it with side-splitters like the Cairo speech ("Islamic Values and American Values are one and the same...), running off to pitch for Chicago at the Olympics (promptly sent back with tail between legs), Nobel Peace Prize (...cricket's chirping...), and the terrific deal that the Anthropologic Global Warming conference turned out to be. Without these mindless distractions I would've forgotten that he played more golf this year than President Bush did all eight years of his presidency (and Bush enjoyed on average 4.5-6% unemployment rates as opposed to Obama's 10%+++). Truly, earnestly, the flip-flopping, egocentric "O"ministration has kept me riveted to what they're doing, and kept me guffawing all the way, and in as hard a year as it was for our family I sure needed the laugh!

4. Oswald Chambers, "My Utmost" 
In December I decided to pick up the daily readings of this remarkable, brief, yet profound book. Designed to be read one page per day, it will take me well into 2010 to complete. But the reminders of my role on this planet, the tiny, insignificant person I am, in relationship to the all sufficient, amazing, and all encompassing being that God is--is a study that I wish every person could have the joy of understanding this coming year. There's even a way to read it free online (or in my case via my iPhone) every single day. Just click here.

3. Governor Mike Huckabee 
When I see the degree of animus there is in public life I've been genuinely encouraged by the emergence of the new Republican front-runner for 2012. In a world where anon-y-bloggers, and psuedonymed fill-in talk show hosts named "Jude," can encourage people to "put a bullet in the head of" the politicians they don't like, I'm deeply moved by the humility of a man like Governor Huckabee. He was largely slandered in the 2008 primary process, rather dishonestly, by his opponent's secret PACs that then slipped info to a major conservative publication that more or less made its way into print without the kind of fact checking I would expect and then went on to be repeated to larger mega-phones like talk radio and Ann Coulter. Governor Huckabee has decided to be an example instead of a complainer. He's giving America the truth of who he is every Saturday night instead of who others say that he is, and just like Ronald Reagan he's impacting the way Americans think about the issues we face in the tough times ahead. Five hundred radio stations carrying his commentaries and a top-rated weekend cable news show are preventing others from being able to slime him in 2012. He leads every poll as we close 2009. He's not discussing 2012. But he IS demonstrating character, insight, and best of all HUMILITY for the entire nation to see. And compared to the arrogance of Obama, what an oasis that has been.

2. Cowboys WIN, Saints LOSE 
I know this won't win me many fans in Louisiana but as a life-long Dallas fan, and given how badly Tony Romo had traditionally played in previous Decembers, I had a really bad feeling about this game. The horrible thing was Dallas had lost its first two games of December (extending its losing streak in the month) but this year it wasn't Romo's fault. He's played nearly flawless football in the month with no interceptions and breaking passing records. Dallas being my team, of course I want them to make the playoffs, and I want them to do well. By beating the final undefeated team in the NFC, on their home field, it looks like they may be gearing up for a run into the post-season... Only time will tell. And of course the new kicker can't hurt either...

1. Babies 
What can I say? My Lovely bride and I, after two miscarriages in 2008, are 22 weeks into a healthy pregnancy. God is shining his smile upon us for 2010, for a healthy delivery. And I have nothing but the deepest gratitude for this best Christmas present I could ever imagine. So we wait, hope, love, wish, and pray.

It is with great peace that I wish you both a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, one that shall not be easy. But if we Americans remember who we are, and the blessings we've been given, we might just be able to make "good" year in spite of the difficulty.


Kevin McCullough is the nationally syndicated host of "'Baldwin/McCullough Radio"  now heard on 208 stations and columnist based in New York. He blogs at www.muscleheadrevolution.com. His second book "The Kind Of MAN Every Man SHOULD Be" is in stores now. And coming January 4th, 2010 the host of the new daily Nationally Syndicated "Kevin McCullough Show" on Sirius 161 & WMCA-AM 570 in NYC.