'Blue State' New Jersey Turns Red

Add this to your political fact book: The "Obama Bounce" only exists when Barack Obama is running. It disappears when he is not.

The pundits who guessed Virginia would be a "blue state" post-Obama can quit their jobs now. Stick Virginia back in the swing-state category, and with tonight's 17 percent margin of victory by Robert McDonnell, expect the Republicans to be swinging all night.

The bigger story is New Jersey. The Garden State, at one time, had gone for Republicans in 8 out of 10 presidential elections. But since the Democrats ran the table, in the last five presidential elections in row, pundits declared New Jersey a "blue state." And after the Democrats still managed to win the governor's office -- even after Jim McGreevey resigned in shame -- and Barack Obama cleaned John McCain's clock by fifteen percent here -- no one was sure if there was a Republican left in New Jersey.

Until tonight. Proving the late Senator Moynihan's old adage that "all politics is local," Republican candidate Chris Christie upset Democratic Governor Jon Corzine as well as the Tea Party crowd and the "Throw the Bums Out" crowd by beating independent challenger Christ Daggett.

Even Obama's appearances in Virginia and New Jersey didn't help the Democrats.

People voted on issues tonight  -- so politics is truly back to normal.

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Tommy De Seno is an attorney in New Jersey and contributor to Ricochet.com.