Time for a Media Summit on Sexism



Now that we've had a beer summit on race, how about a wine summit on sexism?

In the latest edition of an online feature called "Mouthpiece Theater," Washington Post political reporter Dana Milbank attempted a joke about what kind of beer Hillary Clinton would drink at the "beer summit." Clad in a Hugh Hefner-style silk bathrobe, he smirks to viewers, "We won't tell you who's getting a bottle of 'Mad Bitch' beer." A photo of the secretary of state then appears.


This isn't some random blogger or even an opinion columnist expressing vile views. This is a reporter at one of the nation's top newspapers making a sexist joke about a woman he covered during the presidential race.

After criticism from the Columbia Journalism Review, The Washington Post took the video down, saying it was "satirical" but that a section of the video went too far.

If Milbank made a "satirical" race-based joke about Obama, he'd be fired. But that's not going to happen here.

After all, calling Hillary Clinton the b-word is practically mainstream behavior.

To read Ms. Powers' complete column in the New York Post, click here.