Washington, You Work for US

If you've been watching my show lately, you know that I've read more Founding Fathers related material than any human should ever have to endure.. I love the Founders and everything, but if they read 'Philip Dru Administrator" to the terrorists in Gitmo, even I would say that's cruel and unusual treatment. So why do I keep reading it? Wouldn't I rather be hanging with my family on a Friday night, instead of reading The 5000 Year Leap?
Yes. I very much enjoy and would prefer to spend that time kicking back. 

But I also enjoy freedom - and the way I see it, our government is assaulting the basic common sense principles America was founded on, and freedom is slipping right through our fingers. 

Our Founders risked everything -their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor - so they could start this little experiment called America. I thought it was going fairly well, yet here we are, ready to trade in the very freedoms that made us great - so that people like Chris Dodd can have more power. So that Obama can rule the auto industry. So that Tim Geithner can avoid paying taxes and this time get away with it. So that Barney Frank can regulate some more industries into the ground. So government can tell you what foods you can and cannot eat! And the worst part is, it's all happening because we keep empowering and rewarding the same old dirtbags with re-election victories over and over again. For the past 232 years we've seen a gradual decline in the moral character of our elected officials. 

How would George Washington -- a man who actually turned down the presidential salary and preferred being called "Mr. President" over other 'too majestic' sounding titles -- react if he could see the current state of American politics, exemplified by what Senator Boxer did last week? At a recent hearing, Boxer had the gall to scold a Brigadier General for not referring to her as 'Senator.' She said 'I've worked so hard to get this title'. Excuse me, Babs? You are a socialist who won an election in California - most wouldn't call that 'hard'. Maybe you should worry a little more about the country (and YOUR state) going broke - and worry a little less about your fancy title? Besides, with the 29% approval rating Congress is sporting, I wouldn't be bragging about that title I'd be hiding it. 

Americans are fed up with the elitism and the arrogance inside the Beltway. The average person in America earns about $45,000 a year while the average federal employee earns $73,000 a year (that's with no million dollar salaries to boost the average) --plus all those nice perks like great health care and pension plans, an easy work schedule and low expectations. Politicians used to work  for the people - now the people are just a mere annoyance. Take Rep Jim McDermott's office manager for example. She recently got into an e-mail spat - with a constituent - over being called "Liz" instead of Elizabeth. Mercifully, after 19 emails and several lectures on proper name calling etiquette, the matter was settled. George freaking Washington didn't want to be called something "too majestic" sounding - but don't you DARE call Elizabeth at Rep Jim McDermott's office "Liz" or you are going to get some kinda talking to! 

It's almost as if government officials are trying to one up each other with insults to the American people. Take President Obama who, with a straight face, boasted that his administration had created or saved 150,000 jobs since the passing of the stimulus bill. However, in that same time period, America lost 1.6 million jobs and unemployment shot up to 9.4%. Apparently Obama thinks you are too stupid to realize that 1.6 million jobs lost, minus 150,000 jobs 'saved or created' equals 1.45 million jobs lost during that time. And he thinks that those who did notice would do nothing about it anyway.
Up until recently, he was right. Liberals have always had the "doing something" market cornered. Staging protests, calling politicians, organizing discussion groups, getting informed - are the things previously only college students and hippies had the time for. Conservatives and regular schlubs everywhere are usually content to vote and then stay in their busy lives, working and raising our families. I mean, really, who has time to protest on a Tuesday afternoon? 

That's why I've been working so hard to sound the alarm bells, to wake people up - because we can't afford to wait until 2012 to do something. No country has ever survived spending the way we are spending. Even President Obama himself is losing sleep at night thinking about the deficits - yet he wants to pass a massive health care overhaul that will add $1 trillion to the deficit. But they just keep on spending because the progressives in power think they know better than you do. They want government control over every aspect of your life because you'll eat too many donuts or drive a gas guzzling SUV if left to your own capitalist devices. 

It's time to remind our arrogant, out of control politicians in Washington, D.C. who it is they actually work for. WE THE PEOPLE.
The good news is I believe people are starting to wake up. I've seen it first hand with the amazing turn outs at the Tea Parties, the massive response to The 912 Project (www.the912project.com) and to "Common Sense - the case against an out of control government" - all far bigger than I anticipated. Those are encouraging signs, but more of you have to make your voice be heard. And, unfortunately, that means finding time to carve out of our busy lives and take a page out of the granola-eating liberal playbook, and do something about it.