JAMES P. PINKERTON: Anti-Christian Bigotry at The Washington Post

Are Christian missionaries "pernicious"? The Washington Post seems to think so. You know the word "pernicious," which Webster's defines as "highly injurious or destructive." Webster's then offers these synonyms for "pernicious," including, "noxious," "deleterious," and "detrimental."

As is so typical of the Post, and of the MSM in general, this little bit of bigotry was a throwaway, a gratuitous dig-a dig, of course, that reveals much about The Post's underlying mentality.

In a review of a book about a botanical garden in Hawaii, Carolyn See, a longtime contributor to the Post's "Style" section, includes this nasty little aside about newcomers who changed the ecosystem of Hawaii: "then white people and their pernicious missionaries." Needless to say, no other group was similarly saddled with an insulting modifier. Only missionaries are "pernicious."

For perspective, we might try to imagine the reaction if the writer had written, say, "black people and their pernicious ministers." Or "Jews and their pernicious rabbis." Or "Muslims and their pernicious mullahs."

Do you think that such formulations would have made it into Post? And if they had, how long would the writer or editor of such an un-p.c. phrase be able to keep their job?

But it's only Christian-bashing. Another day, another dollop of religious bigotry in The Washington Post.