TOMMY DE SENO: Hypocrisy Alert -- Barbara Boxer Called Condi Rice 'Ma'am'!

By Tommy De Seno
Attorney/Blogger, Justified Right

Princess Barbara Boxer was offended by the words of a mere commoner today, namely one Brigadier General Michael Walsh who was testifying before Her Highness.

Forgetting his manners in a most atrocious form, the General called her "ma'am," which is a contracted form of the word "Madam."


Few may remember that Boxer called Rice 'Madam" three different times during testimony while the secretary of state was appearing before Congress.


Her royal highness immediately dressed down the scoundrel, assuring him she deserved to be called by the title to which she has worked so very hard to achieve.

Put aside that in England where the word originates, Madam is used to address the queen or a royal princess. Forget that in America, Madam is an appellation of respect used toward women. It is all still far below Her Liege Barbara Boxer.

Recall though when former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was testifying before Senator Boxer two years ago. That was when Boxer dressed Rice down for having the nerve to be a childless woman who has the power to make decisions.

Few may remember that Boxer called Rice 'Madam" three different times during that testimony.

So, what is good enough for the childless Condi Rice is certainly not good enough for the all high and fertile Barbara Boxer.

Bow down. Kneel before your new Democrat masters.

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Tommy De Seno is an attorney in New Jersey and contributor to Ricochet.com.