The Is No Connection Between the Timing of the Sotomayor Announcement and the Trouble In North Korea

Many analysts feel that President Obama tried to change the subject from North Korea with his Supreme Court nomination. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Court nomination took place during the Congressional recess because it is much more difficult to grandstand with an opposing view and have all of the Capitol Hill press corps ready to take down every word and body language movement .

It would be impossible to change the conversation from North Korea and their current "in your face" antics. The North Koreans are going to continue until they get noticed -- and that's why they're behaving like a child playing "mother may I." They will continue to step over the line until someone steps in, gives them the attention they crave and find a way to help them take their focus off the real government problems that North Korea has.

Anyone who watched the videos of older women crying hysterically in front of mounds of flowers at the death of Kim il-Sung aka Dear Leader knows that the brainwashing that has taken place in North Korea. It also means they must always have a military that is aimed at some country to legitimize their people starving while their military gets the food, finances and other goodies.

They don't exactly have a ton of friends in the world. Russia is condemning what they are doing so there has been no secret handshake on the side of their former comrades. Everything North Korea does needs to be seen through the lens of their own domestic problems. The recent statement attributed to the North Koreans is that they are going to abandon the 1953 Armistice agreement. But how scary are they? Although they have re-started their weapons grade nuclear plant and setting off missiles there is pretty much a guarantee that they could not really reach their targets or that their delivery mechanisms could not be taken out by China, Russia or the United States.

There is a story in the Pentagon about North Korea invading South Korea. They call it the "shoe invasion" because they do not have enough petrol to keep their vehicles running past the DMZ. Stories or no stories the Obama administration has not taken the bait from North Korea and president is most likely being quite measured and careful as our intelligence services access what is really taking place in the world of Kim Jong- Il. Taking time to give a response is the only reasonable position. The nomination of a Supreme Court Justice has nothing to do with the President's lack of clear response.

Ellen Ratner joined Fox News Channel as a contributor in October 1997. Currently, Ratner serves as chief political correspondent and news analyst for "Talk Radio News Service" where she analyzes events, reports breaking news, and provides lively interviews with newsmakers in government and entertainment. She is founder of "Goats for the Old Goat." Over the last three years, donations have been made to acquire goats for liberated slaves who were returning to South Sudan. More than 7,000 goats have been donated to the people of South Sudan to provide sustainable sustenance for their families and a means to begin their lives again.