The Media's So Biased It Isn't Funny!

By Noel SheppardAssociate Editor, Newsbusters.org

Years from now, the week of May 4, 2009, may be remembered as when it became crystal clear to even the most liberal Americans the media are so biased it isn't funny.

The week innocently began with a Los Angeles Times entertainment reporter addressinghow comedians are still afraid to make jokes about Barack Obama.

Having possibly read the piece, "Late Show" host David Letterman on Thursday tried to remedy the situationby having one of his writers feebly attempt to poke fun at the new President.


"Barack Obama is so dumb, when he was Governor of Texas, someone asked him what the capital of Texas is, and he said, 'Capital T.'"

Thus began a string of supposed Obama jokes intentionally missing the mark and, instead, bashing former President George W. Bush.


Whether this was life imitating art or vice versa is irrelevant, for one of America's favorite funnymen was coming right out and admitting he's just not ready to say anything against the new White House resident even in jest.

Unfortunately, the reallybad jokes were right around the corner, for when the Labor Department announcedthe following day employers had shed 539,000 workers from their payrolls in April, the Obama-loving media actually reported it as good news.

We really are in Camelot now.

Not only are you forbidden to make jokes about the new king, errr, president, but all news, no matter how bad, must now be reported as good.

Tourists planning a vacation to our nation's capital this summer should also be pleased to know that from this point forward, July and August cannot be too hot.

Of course, Washington, D.C., wasn't always such a congenial spot, for when it was announced only five months ago the economy lost 533,000 jobs in November, the press viewed it as so cataclysmic it was necessary for all Americans to immediately support president-elect Obama's stimulus plan or suffer the most dire of economic and financial consequences.

So it came to pass that virtually the same exact economic data hailed as apocalyptic when Bush was president was now a sign the economy is improving.

Yet, this shouldn't be at all surprising, for the media never wanted to admit things were ever good during Bush the Second's reign.

First, his recovery was "jobless." Then, it wasn't producing enough new hires to keep up with the growth in the labor force.

Finally, when unemployment really began declining in his second term to levels rarely seen in the post-World War II era, the media claimed the jobs created were all low-paying or part-time.

What a difference an "O" makes, for now that a man the press adore is in the White House, over a half million Americans can lose their jobs in a month, and it's a sign things are getting better.

As one of my readers marvelously quipped last Friday, for eight years the press bemoaned the emptiness of the full glass, and now they are praising the fullness of the empty glass.

Makes you wonder what's going to happen when the recession really ends, and the first report showing an increase of even one job is released.

They'll probably throw Obama a parade which certainly won't be inconvenienced by inclement weather for rain isn't allowed to fall till after sundown now.

In anticipation of this event, comedienne Wanda Sykes has already been booked as the Mistress of Ceremonies.

I know it sounds a bit bizarre, but that's how conditions are.

Noel Sheppard is associate editor of the MediaResearchCenter's NewsBusters.org. He welcomes feedback at nsheppard@newsbusters.org.

Noel Sheppard is associate editor of the Media Research Center's NewsBusters.org. He welcomes feedback at NewsBustersNoel@gmail.com.