ERIC BOLLING: I Know Oil Dictators and Chavez Is the Worst of the Worst

By Eric BollingCo-host, "Happy Hour," FOX Business Network/Host, "The Strategy Room"/Editor, StreetMeat Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Iran Saddam Hussein Evo Morales Hugo Chavez
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Chavez has directed oil to China in the middle of an oil shock in the U.S. just to hurt us. After all, it cost him more to send that oil across the sea to a far away China rather than ship it to our refineries located in nearby West Coast plants. Chavez has called a sitting U.S. President "el diablo" (the devil) from the U.N. General Assembly podium. This man is a thief, a thug and a criminal. Chavez is more than willing to accommodate exiled Colombian drug lords in order to ensure the continued fleecing of the Venezuelan people's wealth. President Obama's handshake with Chavez is appalling to me. Anyone who respects the flag of the U.S. or the office of the president should be equally concerned. That includes every one of our patriots who have fought and risked or lost their lives protecting those beliefs.