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ERIC BOLLING: STREETMEAT: Since We Are PAYING for Them, WE Should Name Them!

By Eric BollingCo-Host, "Happy Hour," FOX Business Network/Host, "The Strategy Room," FOXNews.comI have written extensively here about auto bailouts and my distaste for spending hard earned taxpayer money on what are no more than fledgling pension funds disguised as a car companies. I have suggested that we cut the life support for the failed business plans in Detroit. Why? Because it's like infusing precious blood into a body that is bleeding profusely. A good doc will stop the bleeding before blowing through the blood bank's blood supply. I even offered to buy a vehicle from any or all three Detroit car manufacturers if they avoided taking taxpayer money. GM and Chrysler failed miserably on that front while Ford remains a stand out. I will buy a Ford F-150 this summer if they don't take government money. I am looking forward to a shiny new Ford proudly parked on my driveway. Since Washington seems to be interested in providing more of our (blood) money, I suggest WE re-name the cars coming off the assembly lines. Here are some names that my followers and I came up with:

Oldsmobile= "Obamabile"

GM Hummer= GM "Bummer"

Editor's note: To read Eric's complete post on his "Street Meat" blog, click here.

Eric Bolling currently serves as co-host of Fox News Channel's "The Five" (weekdays 5-6PM/ET). He also serves as the host of "Cashin' In" (Saturdays 11:30AM-12PM/ET), an analysis program on FNC's weekend business block, "The Cost of Freedom." Bolling joined the network in 2008. Click here for more information on Eric Bolling