On the Loose: The Elitist Populist Spreads Destruction With Mock Outrage

By Patrick DorinsonPolitical Commentator

The Elitist Populist ( Liberalus Arrogantus)is a member of the Elitist species of which there are three classes. The first two are the Elitist Republican ( Conservatus Rightus)and the Elitist Democrat (Liberalus Leftus). The Elitist Populist is a close cousin to the latter. While they all have different markings and temperament, all three coexist nicely and fiercely protect one another against America's great unwashed.

The Elitist Populist spends most of its time preening in front of the rest of the population displaying its plumage of Ivy League degrees, Rhodes scholarships, trust funds, vacation homes and wealthy spouses and telling the rest of us how we should live our lives. The "Populist" part of their name comes from their pronouncements about caring about working people and diversity, as long as you don't want to move next door to them. That's about as close as they come to working folks and honest labor because most of them wouldn't know the business end of a shovel if it hit them in the head.

You want a real life example of the Elitist Populist? How about Senator John Kerry?

Over time the Elitist Populist has bred with other groups that they previously had shunned and kept out of their flock through quotas, namely descendants of ethnic immigrants and other "undesirables". This was necessitated by their declining birthrate and desire to expand their dominance to new regions.

As that occurred, its habitat spread across the nation and it can now be found in places like Hollywood, Washington D.C., San Francisco, and numerous college campuses across the nation.

Some great places to observe the Elitist Populist are Martha's Vineyard, Georgetown, Beverly Hills, Palm Beach and Berkeley. You can often find them foraging for food at fancy French restaurants, Whole Foods, and Godiva Chocolates.

Some of the places you will never find them are Lubbock, Texas, Elko, Nevada, Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania and the rest of fly-over country where real working folks actually live. You will never see them at Wal-Mart, Food 4 Less or McDonald's. And they only pick up a gun or attend NASCAR races during election years.

In 2008, they finally elected one of their own as leader of the American flock and they are now setting about remaking the nation in their own image all the while making sure they don't lose their exalted position in the pecking order and they can maintain their privileges and money.

You want a real life example of the Elitist Populist?

How about Senator John Kerry who comes from a long line of Elitist Populists? He wants to punish Northern Trust Bank and any other company who receives taxpayer money or bailouts and stop them from sponsoring things like the PGA Golf Tournament in Los Angeles recently.

But the tournament raises money for Los Angeles area charities and in the two years of their sponsorship they have raised $3 million for those charities.

Mr. Kerry whose only business acumen seems to be marrying wealthy women does not seem to understand the consequences when events like this lose funding or are cut back.

Who suffers, Northern Trust? Not likely.

The folks who will suffer are the small businesses like caterers and folks like waiters, bartenders, drivers, hotel workers and all those who support the event because they won't be working.

If Mr. Kerry is trying to punish the bankers he hit the wrong target.

It is just like when Wells Fargo canceled its Las Vegas employee recognition event that was meant to reward many hard working employees for a job well done over the past year. Many were branch managers, tellers and back office personnel who make the company run and certainly not "fat cat" executives.

If Kerry or President Obama, who singled out Las Vegas for special criticism during his first press conference, knew anything about running a business they would recognize who their "elitist populist" jihad is hurting.

Let me try to explain it for them.

In good times Las Vegas fills up on the weekends when all the gamblers and revelers come to town. Most conventions and meetings are held during the week. The Wells Fargo event would have occurred at that time.

That means that during the regular work week bartenders and waiters can get more tips, a great source of their income. More maids are needed to keep the rooms ready, more culinary workers are needed to prepare the food, taxi drivers get more fares, airlines make money bringing the conventioneers and so on down the service and supply chain.

Aren't those the folks who Kerry and Obama say they are trying to help? And Mr. President they are the ones who voted for you last November and put Nevada in your column!

And where were the political leaders of Nevada Republican or Democrat to stand up to this rhetorical bullying? Where were the leaders of the Hotel Workers union standing up for their members? Harry Reid gave a meek "I will talk to the president" response. The only person who did stand up was Las Vegas mayor and former mob lawyer Oscar Goodman. But I guess when you have dealt with gangsters Washington politicians don't scare you too much.

And it is putting fear into companies who haven't even received taxpayer bailouts. Just the other day, Steve Wynn of Wynn Resorts, reported that he had a company pull a $5 million contract to have a convention at his facility in Las Vegas. That will mean more out of work service people and more empty restaurants and hotel rooms.

I am not here to defend the bankers. They are on their own.

I am here to defend the poor souls working service jobs living paycheck to paycheck trying to work as many hours as possible, ready and willing to work overtime to support their families. To them those golf tournaments and conventions put food on the table and can be the difference between unemployment and keeping afloat.

Elitist Populist politicians who live in the bubble of Washington and have no idea how the real world works should learn to think before they rush to get in front of a camera and spout their mock outrage.

Patrick Dorinson is a radio talk show host and commentator who goes by the name"The Cowboy Libertarian." He can be heard on a radio program with the same name Saturdays, from 5-6 p.m. PT on Clear Channel's KFBK radio in Sacramento, California.