God Comes to Hollywood

By Mark JosephAuthor/Movie Producer

(Beverly Hills, CA) --The 17th Annual Movieguide awards gala, a faith-based film awards ceremony, sponsored by the John Templeton Foundation was held at the Beverly Hilton Hotelin Beverly Hills, California this week and the big winners were the church-produced drama "Fireproof," "Prince Caspian," "Gran Torino" and "Henry Poole Is Here." Stars in attendance included singers Brian McKnight and Pat Boone, and dozesn of actors, directors and producers.

If folks like these keep coming to Hollywood, Hollywood is going to look very different in fifty years.

The 17th annual awards also gave out numerous awards to the following films:

- The Winner of the $100,000 Epiphany Prize for Most Inspiring TV Program of 2008 sponsored by the John Templeton Foundation -- "The Christmas Choir," telecast by The Hallmark Channel

- The Grace Award for Most Inspiring Performance in Movies or TV in 2008 -- Adriana Barraza for "Henry Poole Is Here"

- Best Movie for Families -- "WALL-E" from Pixar and Walt Disney Pictures

- The Faith and Freedom Award for Promoting Positive American Values in 2007

- Winner for Movies -- "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed" from Rocky Mountain Pictures

- Winner for TV -- (Tie) "John Adams" from HBO and "The Medal: Celebrating Our Nation's Highest Honor" from 45 North Communications

But perhaps the most interesting part of the evening was the $50,000 Kairos Prizes which are given out to amateurs screenwriters which were given out to the following:

1. "A Matter of Time" by Christina D. Denton of Martinsville, Va., $25,000

2. "Touched" by Rusty Whitener of Pulaski, Va., $15,000

3. "Moody Field" by Darcy Faylor of Greenville, S.C., $10,000

It turned out that one of the recipients was a preacher who afterward told the press that he felt that he was being called by God to leave preaching and go into movies.

Another winner was a recent graduate of Bob Jones University -- a fundamentalist college which once preached fervently against movies.

If folks like these keep coming to Hollywood, Hollywood is going to look very different in fifty years.

Mark Joseph is a film producer and marketing expert who has worked on the development and marketing of 25 films. His most recent book is The Lion, The Professor & The Movies: Narnia's Journey To The Big Screen.