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Did Senator Roland Burris Commit Perjury?

U.S. Sen. Roland Burris says the Illinois impeachment panel never asked about his talks with aides to former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, but he had numerous opportunities to clear the air during his testimony last month.

Now, Illinois State Republicans are calling for Burris to step down in light of revelations that he amended his testimony to the Illinois impeachment committee that weighed whether to oust Blagojevich. In his affidavit filed in early February, Burris clarified that the governor's brother called him three times starting in late October to "seek my assistance in fundraising" for the governor. He said in the affidavit, and later told reporters, that he refused to raise or donate any money since he was interested in a gubernatorial appointment to the Senate seat.

Burris said Monday that there was "no change" in his testimony. He said he filed the affidavit only because when he reviewed the transcript he realized he "said 'yes' ... to all those names, but we had not addressed those names."

At least one Republican says this omission amounts to perjury. To read the official testimony Roland Burris gave to the committee click here. To read more about this story click here.

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