You Decide

We Report (But Don't Quite Get), So You Decide

Congressional Republicans say they'll go to court against President Obama if he doesn't scuttle his plan to move the census into the purview of the Oval Office.

But the administration says there is no such plan, even after apparently (and privately) assuring some Democratic members of Congress that there is.

Statements issued by the White House have seemingly backed both points of view, alternately saying President Obama would "re-evaluate" the Census process, but assuring it would remain in the purview of the Commerce Department.

"The President recognizes the importance of ensuring that the Census Bureau conducts a complete and accurate count through a process that is free from politicization, and he looks forward to working with Members of Congress on both sides of the aisle and Secretary-designate Gregg to achieve that goal," according to a statement from White House spokesman Ben LaBolt. "As they have in the past, White House senior management will work closely with the Census Director given the number of decisions that will need to reach the President's desk. This administration has not proposed removing the Census from the Department of Commerce and the same Congressional committees that had oversight during the previous administration will retain that authority."

Does that make sense?What do you think? Has the administration clearly explained exactly who is in charge of the U.S. Census?

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