Obama's Report Card After 11 Days in Office


Cal ThomasSyndicated Columnist

My grade for the week for Obama is a D-. He sent the wrong message to Arab nations in his TV interview, effectively telling the dictators they are safe and no one will support removing them from office. That isn't "change we can believe in." He also allowed Democratic congressional leaders to add millions upon millions of dollars in pork barrel spending and then tried to sell the entire package as a measure that would create jobs and improve the economy. And he told a Republican at that Capitol Hill meeting that the reason the New Deal didn't get traction sooner is that not enough of the money was spent up-front. Worst of all, he called Washington-area residents wimps for the way we respond to snow. Has ever ever driven (or been driven) down the city's small streets which were constructed for horses, not cars?


Leonard JacobsWriter/Political Commentator

He gets an A-.

How could Obama have run his first 11 days any better? What's telling is that the so-called loyal opposition, though willing to break bread at the White House, refuses to collaborate in a constructive, patriotic way on an economic stimulus to heal a wounded nation.

While Obama continues his savvy work -- if he does appoint Sen. Judd Gregg to Commerce, that's a masterstroke -- pithy comments like "I won" throw chinks in his armor as a real uniter.

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