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    CAVUTO: All right. Now, so, Hu gets off. President Hu gets off this plane, and let’s say you were the president. I don’t know who your vice president would be. I would think anyone would be afraid of serving with you, but that’s a separate issue.

    But -- but let’s say you were there to greet him. He comes off the plane. What would be the first thing you would say? Not that you would be greeting him, but what’s the first thing you would say?

    TRUMP: I would bring him to my office and I would sit down and start negotiating. I wouldn’t worry about state dinners.

    The state dinner is just frankly a waste of time and effort. I would bring him to my office and we negotiate. And if he doesn’t want to negotiate in good faith, I respectfully say, that’s it. Enjoy Disney World, if you want to stay that long.

    CAVUTO: That -- that should go well.


    CAVUTO: Is it your sense, though, that the market turnaround we have been seeing and the economic turnaround, what there is of it, that we have been seeing, Donald, owes in part to improving relations with China, that China buying more, having -- expressing more confidence in us, maybe it is working and you’re just not seeing it?

    TRUMP: Neil, we have hundreds of billions of deficits with China. We’re not making money with China. We have hundreds of billions of dollars.

    It is not the other way around. I would love it to be the other way around. If we were making $700 billion a year on China, great. But we are losing hundreds of billions of dollars.

    And you speak to companies. Sure, we do some business with China, but most companies cannot even get in. And -- and I recommend that you call the head of Nucor, who’s a highly respected steel man. Just call the head of Nucor, our largest steel company, can’t get into China.

    CAVUTO: Well, should they do what Google did and more or less go ahead and -- and tempt the giant and say, look, we’re not going to put up with this and we’re all but pulling out?

    TRUMP: Believe it or not, and no one understands it, we have all the cards, because we buy so much from China, that if we ever suggest that we’re not going to buy from China, that we’ll either restrict it in some form, or we’re going to tax it, which will in a way restrict it, they will come to the table so fast, that your head will spin.

    They are so afraid of -- of us not being able to do business. Their whole economy would collapse -- collapse. If we do not buy from China, their economy will collapse.

    CAVUTO: So, yet we all go scurrying to the plane and running to the plane.

    TRUMP: It’s an amazing phenomena. This is our leadership. It’s an amazing phenomena.

    And, by the way, I deal with many Chinese. I -- not only do I sell many apartments to them, one recently for $33 million.

    CAVUTO: Well, I read about that, yes.

    TRUMP: Yes, $33 million. So, it doesn’t mean, like, I dislike them.


    TRUMP: And, by the way, if I were them, if I were them, I would be trying to do the same thing.

    They tell me that they cannot believe -- now, they didn’t know I would be thinking about the presidential thing, but they tell me that they do not believe what they’re able to get away with. They do not believe the stupidity of our leaders.

    CAVUTO: So, you think that they are just thinking we are a joke?

    TRUMP: I don’t think it. I know it.

    CAVUTO: But, then, again, if they are getting rich doing so, who is going to buy your fancy-schmancy apartments?

    TRUMP: I don’t worry about that. I have much bigger things on my plate, I must tell you, much bigger things.

    CAVUTO: You’re -- you are going to run -- you know, you are going to run for president, aren’t you?

    TRUMP: Well, I don’t know. Let’s see what happens. I will let you know sometime prior to June.

    But I will tell you that -- this. This country, if I do, and if I win, this country will be respected again. We are not respected. We are laughed at by the world.

    CAVUTO: All right, Donald Trump, here’s what you have got to do, though, if that’s what you’re entertaining. You have got to let people know where you stand.

    TRUMP: OK, I will.

    CAVUTO: Because I have no idea.

    TRUMP: I will absolutely try.


    CAVUTO: People really have no idea where you’re coming from.

    TRUMP: Well, you have known where I have stood for a long time, interestingly.

    And everything I said about OPEC has turned out to be true.

    CAVUTO: Well...

    TRUMP: And oil is now close to $100 a barrel. And it’ll keep going up, Neil. And it will destroy this economy if we allow that to happen.

    CAVUTO: OK. Donald Trump, thank you.

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