• With: Mike Huckabee

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    NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: Well, this just in. It's worse than we thought, and Medicare and Social Security's day of reckoning is a lot closer than we fear. Try five years closer for Medicare, now expected to run out of dough by 2024, and a year closer for Social Security, now likely tapped out by 2036, yet both parties punting on fixing them in 2011 -- Republican senators saying, more like 2013, after the next election dust settles.

    Mike Huckabee says, too late. And who knows? He could be part of that next election cycle. And, trust me, I will drag it out of him.


    CAVUTO: The governor joins me right now. Governor, good to see you.


    CAVUTO: Something happening on your show tomorrow night?

    HUCKABEE: We are going to have quite an interesting show.

    CAVUTO: Yes. Yes.

    HUCKABEE: I hope people will watch. I'll be announcing to the FOX viewers what my intentions are. But it will be announced then, and not today.


    CAVUTO: But the end -- like the end of "Dallas," "The Last Fight"?

    HUCKABEE: Oh, I'm just -- yes, we will find out who shot J.R. and what I'm going to do all at the same time.

    CAVUTO: All right. I'm looking at your eyes to get a sense, but it's steely-eyed here.

    HUCKABEE: You know, to tell you this, if you read stuff today, just know that my executive producer does not even know what the decision is. I have not even communicated with members of all my family until this afternoon.

    CAVUTO: Really?

    HUCKABEE: Yeah.

    CAVUTO: So, they know.

    HUCKABEE: They might know. Yeah, they -- they know.



    HUCKABEE: But that's it.

    CAVUTO: Well, actually, I think I have a number there.


    CAVUTO: Wait a minute.


    HUCKABEE: So, if you -- you're going to hear people that will act like that they know all about it, and they don't.

    CAVUTO: All right.

    Now, I know there's a lot involved in that decision...

    HUCKABEE: Yes, there is.


    CAVUTO: ... personally. It's very difficult on families. And your kids are a little older here, but it's still tough.

    HUCKABEE: Sure.

    CAVUTO: It's a grueling process, too. You have got to raise money. It's a little -- it's a kind of demeaning process in that regard, because you have to go to, you know, like little restaurant openings to try to get -- nothing wrong with a restaurant, but...

    HUCKABEE: No, but that's...


    CAVUTO: But that's a tough part of it, right?

    HUCKABEE: No, that's actually the best part of it. It is going out and meeting people of America.