• With: Joe Lieberman

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    NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: Well, a vice president who plans to be out of town when Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu addresses Congress, and a president giving Iran time to make a deal so nobody messes it up in Congress.

    To Joe Lieberman, who says, you know, I think this is why I became an independent.


    CAVUTO: You didn't say that.



    CAVUTO: I don't know.

    But it's good to have you, Senator. Thank you very much for coming.

    LIEBERMAN: Great -- great to be with you, Neil.

    CAVUTO: It is weird right now, right? First, the Netanyahu thing. We're less than three weeks from that visit...

    LIEBERMAN: Right. CAVUTO: ... and we have what could be a spectacle here...


    CAVUTO: ... where a head of state, there will be a strike on going to see him speak to Congress.

    LIEBERMAN: Yes, really unfortunate.

    So, I would say now, whatever anybody thought about Speaker Boehner's invitation, Prime Minister Netanyahu's acceptance, the prime minister is coming. He is the head, the elected head of Israel, a very close ally of the United States.

    So I urge people in Washington, don't focus on President Obama, Prime Minister Netanyahu, Speaker Boehner. This is a question of the U.S.-Israel relationship and really even more than that at this moment. What is the right thing to do about Iran's nuclear weapons program?

    So, let's get back to the important stuff and forget the nonsense.

    CAVUTO: Yes, see, that was kind of my point of view, which means you should probably run...


    CAVUTO: ... run away from what you just said...


    CAVUTO: ... that I think, yes, we went through protocol or blew protocol and screwed things up in terms of the invite. I will even accept that. But the invite is out there. The acceptance is out there. A head of state is coming here to speak to Congress. The vice president is deliberately going to be out of town. Senator Bernie Sanders and others in the House are saying they won't be there.

    LIEBERMAN: Right.

    CAVUTO: I think that compounds the sin, doesn't it?

    LIEBERMAN: Yes, it does.

    I mean, I think it's -- again, people have to come back to -- even if you disagree with Netanyahu's position on Iran...

    CAVUTO: Right.

    LIEBERMAN: ... and the nuclear weapons, or you felt it was wrong for Speaker Boehner to invite him, that's not what this is about now.

    This is about an ally. Also, frankly, you might say it's about freedom of speech. So, come and hear him. And from Netanyahu's point of view, I think he accepted it because he obviously has a real worry about the way in which these negotiations with Iran are going, because, as he has said many times, it could be an existential threat, really a threat to Israel's existence, incidentally a threat to our Arab allies in the Middle East as well.

    CAVUTO: Well, you talk -- you have a lot of friends, connections certainly back in Israel. Are they annoyed by this treatment?

    LIEBERMAN: It's actually mixed.

    CAVUTO: Yes.

    LIEBERMAN: I can't say I have done anything random -- I mean, all my information is random. It's not scientific.

    But I think some people feel that it's a problem that didn't need to be. Other people are upset about it.

    CAVUTO: Yes. LIEBERMAN: And there was a concern that -- the opponents of Netanyahu in the election thought maybe he would lose by this, because he would have irritated the relationship with the United States, which, no matter how strong Israel is, Israel depends on the U.S.

    We're their ultimate guarantor. But I think, ultimately, probably more people are upset by the reaction in Washington than they're upset that Bibi is coming.

    CAVUTO: Yes. Oh, no, there's no doubt. You're exactly right about that.