• With: James Evans

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    NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: Well, it looks like Mitt's ahead the more he says he doesn't want it. A new poll showing Mitt Romney leading a list of Republican contenders for 2016, and the only one who tops Hillary Clinton in a potential matchup now.

    Another reason that James Evans says it is time Mitt gives it another shot, that the third time could be the charm. James in fact is leading a draft Romney movement as we speak.

    James, very good to have you.

    JAMES EVANS, UTAH REPUBLICAN PARTY CHAIRMAN: Thanks for having me on, Neil.

    CAVUTO: I have talked to the governor. I have talked to his wife.

    Even one in no uncertain way made it very clear, ain't going to happen, ain't going to happen.

    What do you say?

    EVANS: Well, I don't believe that it was just, it's not going to happen. There's also been, we will see, let's -- you know, let's consider it.

    So there have been a lot of different statements made.

    CAVUTO: Yes.

    EVANS: But I would ask that you -- I would ask that you look at the chorus of individuals just from every spectrum of our society encouraging Governor Romney to run again.

    And I think that says a lot. So, while we started with a draft Mitt effort, this has gone far beyond our grassroots effort. You have those at the top of the political spectrum encouraging Governor Romney to run, all the way down to grassroots individuals like myself.

    So the bottom line is, is that the demand is there. Governor Romney is the supply. He's a businessman. And he knows the law of economics, supply and demand.

    CAVUTO: Well, there is certainly...

    EVANS: The demand is there. Now...


    CAVUTO: No, no, James, I understand. There is precedent. I raised it with both the governor and his wife when I talked to them both. And that is that Ronald Reagan proved a third time could be the charm. Richard Nixon, after failing to get the win in 1968, years later comes back and gets the nomination and the win. So there is some precedent, but that it would be an uphill battle because so many other contenders are in the mix.

    You argue that that would actually help the governor. Explain.

    EVANS: Well, absolutely, because, at this point in time, to have that number of individuals interested in running for president, and for Governor Romney to have not announced or has stated that he doesn't want to run, and he is leading the pack, I think that states volumes about the desire of...

    CAVUTO: Hmm.

    EVANS: ... of the Republicans across the country.

    So, I were Governor Romney, I would also play it a little cool and make sure that I can have everything in place, and, if I choose to run, then I will choose the time and place of my announcement.

    CAVUTO: Now, has he talked to you about this?

    EVANS: But I wouldn't be rushed -- but I wouldn't be rushed into it.


    CAVUTO: I'm sorry.

    Has he talked to you about this, what you're up to?

    EVANS: Oh, absolutely -- absolutely not.


    EVANS: In no way am I a part of Governor Romney's camp. I'm the chair of Utah Republican Party.

    CAVUTO: Understood.

    EVANS: So, the easiest way to think of us is that we're kind of peasants out of there.


    EVANS: And we love that, because -- because we're...


    CAVUTO: You're nudging. You're nudging.


    EVANS: Look, we're grass -- we're grassroots.