• With: Gov. Mike Huckabee

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    NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: Now, we told you that freezing deportations for millions of illegals would be a mission.

    So, to help, we're bringing in the missionary man, because, well, a lot of you now Mike Huckabee. A lot of you might not know he is an ordained minister and maybe can offer us insight into not so much what Republicans do now, but what would Jesus do now?

    That is a very heavy burden, Governor, but...



    CAVUTO: ... I will say this, that the president presented it last night in his remarks that just wrapped up in Las Vegas -- do a lot of ministers go to Las Vegas? I digress.


    CAVUTO: But that this is a good, decent thing to do. Do you agree with that?

    HUCKABEE: First of all, I'm going to answer that question. A lot of minister goes to Las Vegas. They carry the Ten Commandments and a $20 bill and don't break either one of them.


    CAVUTO: Well, leaving aside the venue.

    HUCKABEE: But other than that, the Bible is filled with admonitions, not only about being nice to strangers, as the president invoked last night, but also about don't bear false witness.

    The Scripture is explicitly clear that one should not be disingenuous, one should not have guile, which means deceit in one's heart, to say one thing, but actually to mean another.

    So, if the president really wants to get in a Scripture war, I would love to send him an underlined Bible with a number of Scriptures, and I believe I could help him to understand that some of the things that he is doing are not only outside the law, but outside the Scriptures, because you cannot just flagrantly resist the laws of man and still say, oh, but I'm doing the right thing.

    CAVUTO: All right, missionary man.

    HUCKABEE: Yes.

    CAVUTO: I will go back into former governor man.

    HUCKABEE: Right.

    CAVUTO: And that -- the political response Republicans should have, because listening to the president's remarks last night, I was thinking, Republicans have to be careful here, because if they kind of go on and on, we don't like this and all, they're going to look heartless.

    We know all the concerns you raise are certainly legitimate and fair.

    HUCKABEE: Yes.

    CAVUTO: What do they do with it? How do they do that?

    HUCKABEE: Well, first of all, we have got to be real clear that we don't come across that we're anti-immigrant, because we're not.

    What we want is a sovereign country that controls its borders like every other country in the world does.

    I would just...

    CAVUTO: Then what about all the illegals who are already here?

    HUCKABEE: Well, I think, we -- first of all, we seal the border and say, we're not going just have a continued open border.

    The reason that Americans are not in favor of some -- quote -- "comprehensive immigration" is because they know that until you have control of your border -- it's not closing it. I'm not in favor of closing the border.

    Neil, good grief, I want people to come to America, but I want them to come because they want to share the American dream, not because they want to come and -- and change our language, our way of life, and not salute our flag.

    I think when people come here and prosper from this country, they ought to join me in pledging allegiance to the flag. And they ought to be grateful for this country. That's how America has been built, by immigrants who came here because they wanted to be a part of America, not because they wanted America to change and adapt to them.

    So, look, let's invite people to come, but let's say come through the front door. We will meet you at the door. We will make sure that you're not bringing a communicable disease or a crime with you. And we'd love to have you because this is a place where we welcome people.

    CAVUTO: So, let me did you this. Then, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the governor- elect of Texas, maybe the governor of Arizona, they are all suing over this or looking to sue over this. Will that do anything?

    HUCKABEE: Well, it should. It should because they're going to bear an enormous financial burden as a result of what now appears to be a worldwide you all come, Minnie Pearl moment, where let's just go ahead and bring them on in, and not really do the job that a government is supposed to do.

    CAVUTO: So, integral to you in all this, regardless of where their suits go, is border first.

    HUCKABEE: Yes.

    CAVUTO: Then we will address the ones who were here first. The president seems to say, we will get to the border, let's deal with the ones who are here first.

    So, my impression is, it's a timing issue.

    HUCKABEE: Yes.