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    NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: Think about it. ISIS is right in their backyard, so where is the backing? Where is their backing? A new report that Arab countries are very, very tepid when it comes to detailing support in against our fight against ISIS.

    To Donald Trump, who is fed up about this.

    Mr. Trump, good to have you.

    What do you make of their reaction?

    DONALD TRUMP, CHAIRMAN & CEO, TRUMP HOTELS & CASINO RESORTS: Well, Neil, they`re, as usual, playing us like a fiddle. And they are smiling all the way to the bank.

    We`re protecting them. They`re playing both sides against the middle. They are not putting up money. Now, Saudi Arabia makes $1 billion a day. And I will tell you, ISIS, I`m sure, would like a piece of that, and probably they`re already getting a piece of that indirectly, because, from what I understand, certain countries, like you mentioned, Qatar, certain countries are really supporting ISIS.

    But they have to put up and they also have to do the boots on the ground, because we shouldn`t be doing that. They should be doing that. But Saudi Arabia, a billion dollars. Iraq is a total disaster there. They`re guys, we arm them and they drop their arms and they flee and ISIS and everybody else picks up the weapons, picks up the tanks, picks up the trucks, picks up everything, and they have got themselves an army all of a sudden.

    So, unless they`re going to go and fight for themselves, I mean, we have to be very, very careful what we`re getting into.

    CAVUTO: What is weird, as you know, Donald, is the Saudis over the last few weeks in particular have been very insistent, you have got to get involved here, these ISIS guys are bad -- I`m paraphrasing -- and then lo and behold we do change our view of ISIS, that is at least the White House does, and then they say, well, OK, glad to see you`re coming in and leave it at that.

    What would you do? If you were president, how would you react?

    TRUMP: Well, first of all, you look at the Saudis, Neil, and you look at the way they play it.

    I watched last week what they`re saying, oh, the ISIS is going to America, you must stop them. They`re not talking about America. First of all, they`re not worried about America. They`re worried about themselves, but they think ISIS is going to America and they want to get us to go and stop and spend all the money and spend all the lives, and do all the work, and they just sit there. And they continue to make their billion dollars a day. So I think it`s a very -- it`s a very sad situation. What I would do, I would make them pay. What I would do is I would take over the oil that ISIS is taking over. ISIS has already got certain oil reserves and oil areas of Iraq. I would go in take that over and I would keep it. I would have it. And I said this. And if you remember, Neil, for four years I have been saying this. When we leave Iraq, ISIS, or whoever it is that -- I always said it`s going to be biggest, meanest group that hates America the most is going to take over the oil. Most people thought it would be Iran and it will probably be -- indirectly, it will be Iran someday.

    But what I say is, we take over the oil, because if we`re not going to do it, the bad guys are getting it, and we ought to be the one to do it and we should have done it a long time ago.

    CAVUTO: Yeah, you have been very critical of this president`s handling of this crisis and lots of other crises.


    TRUMP: ... gross incompetence.


    TRUMP: And you`re seeing it every day on every situation, whether it`s...


    CAVUTO: No, no, I heard you on that issue. What intrigued me...


    TRUMP: Whether it`s ObamaCare.

    CAVUTO: Go ahead.

    TRUMP: Neil, whether it`s ObamaCare, whether it`s a Web site that cost $5 billion and doesn`t work, I mean, it`s gross incompetence at the highest level.

    CAVUTO: But you even threatened golf here and brought that into it. You tweeted, "If Obama resigns from office now, thereby doing a great service to the country, I will give him free lifetime golf at any one of my courses."

    Is that offer still standing?

    TRUMP: Well, as you know, it`s been one of most heavily tweeted tweets in a long time. I guess they have almost 20,000 retweets, which is a great honor. But I was only doing it sarcastically, or funnily, because obviously he`s not doing that for a membership in a golf club, of course.


    CAVUTO: Well, did you really forbid him at one of yours courses not to play, or what happened there?

    TRUMP: Well, they wanted to play in New York. And they called Winged Foot and a number of courses. And mine was one.

    And it was -- yes, you can`t do it. I would have absolutely -- by the way, I have one right near the White House on the Potomac River, Trump National, Washington, D.C. Any time he wanted to play, he can play. He would be invited.


    CAVUTO: But did you personally -- I`m sorry, Donald, but did you personally intervene to say, no, I am not allowing him to play there?

    TRUMP: No, I did not know about it and they told me about it later. No, I didn`t know about it.

    CAVUTO: Why did they not -- why did they not let him play? Do you know?


    TRUMP: If he wanted to played the course -- hey, Neil, if he wanted to play the course in Washington, that would be great, right near the White House. He can save having to use Air Force One, spending $50 million to play a round of golf.

    CAVUTO: All right, but do you know why they said on this particular course, no, Mr. President? Too much of a disruption?