• With: Rep. Aaron Schock

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    NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: Meantime, after Boehner mocks Republicans on immigration...


    REP. JOHN BOEHNER, R-OH, SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE: Here`s the attitude.


    BOEHNER: Oh, don`t make me do this.


    BOEHNER: Oh, this is too hard.


    CAVUTO: Well, it turns out that not everybody in his party wants to sock him for those remarks.

    Republican Illinois Congressman Aaron Schock says that the speaker is indeed right.

    So, what he`s saying is that -- that you have to make some progress on this immigration, some type of reform, it will only damage your party later. Is that the gist of what he`s saying?

    REP. AARON SCHOCK, R - IL: Well, I think, first of all, that is John Boehner in his raw form.

    This is a guy who is pretty direct in what he`s talking about.

    I think he`s sharing some frustration that he goes through as being the speaker of a House that has a 15-seat majority. And so if it`s not conservatives or moderates, or you -- you name the wing of the party, he`s got a tough job.

    CAVUTO: Well, he was clearly -- I don`t know, Congressman. He was clearly mocking them there.

    SCHOCK: Yes. No, no, no.

    CAVUTO: And these very conservatives he`s -- he`s lambasting...

    SCHOCK: Well, he`s -- he`s mocking...

    CAVUTO: ... are the ones who made him speaker.

    SCHOCK: Sure. But, no, wait a minute now.

    It`s not just conservatives. I`m a conservative member of Congress. It`s about people who say, well, gee, I don`t want to do this because it`s tough.

    We have serious policy disagreements within our conference. I believe the House of Representatives is exactly the place where immigration reform should take place. Our entire House is elected every two years. We`re the people closest to the people. And our step-by-step approach, I might add, has now been by -- President Obama said in December he would support that approach.

    CAVUTO: Yes, but I think you`re...

    SCHOCK: The Senate bill is dead.

    CAVUTO: I understand where you are coming from, sir, but to say that the others are against doing so because they think it`s tough, they might just say that this stinks, that this plan stinks.

    So, that doesn`t mean that they warrant the reaction they got from the speaker. They just think his plan stinks.

    SCHOCK: Well...the problem with that is just there isn`t a plan.

    The reality is, it`s a step-by-step approach, so the only bill that`s actually been introduced and voted on is the border security provision, which passed the Homeland Security, I might add, unanimously. Second up is visa enforcement. Then you deal with the majority leader`s bill on the kids who were brought here illegally by their parents.

    CAVUTO: But aren`t they rightly worried...

    SCHOCK: And then the final step...

    CAVUTO: No, no, I understand, sir. But aren`t they rightly worried that we`re not going to follow through on this, that if Ronald Reagan could get hoodwinked into signing on to an immigration reform that didn`t reform, certainly John Boehner could be?

    SCHOCK: Well, he may -- look, I`m not going to speak for him individually, but I will say, collectively, as a -- as a body, I don`t plan to vote for any -- any one piece of the bill -- or each individually, if you will, if I don`t feel confident that it`s a good piece of legislation.

    But I think...


    CAVUTO: Do you think we`re going to get some action then? Do you think we`re going to get some action on immigration in this...

    SCHOCK: I -- I...

    CAVUTO: ... very truncated legislative year?