• With: Rudy Giuliani

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    NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: Well, if ObamaCare did win it for Republicans in Florida, can it keep winning key races later this year?

    Let's ask Rudy Giuliani.

    You know, the rap against that -- I don't know if you heard all of that -- for these Republicans...


    CAVUTO: ... is, they're very good at ripping something apart, not very creative when it came to offering up alternatives.

    The dirty little secret is, they have alternatives. They have been rejected. But, if you were to advise them, how would you tell them to move forward?

    GIULIANI: First point, Neil, is very, very few elections get decided two in a row on the same issue. Right?

    The usual wisdom is, you don't run on the same thing this time. You don't run the last election this time.

    CAVUTO: Right.

    GIULIANI: This is going to be an exception to that.

    Those numbers are very, very stark. I see it all over the country. I do a certain amount -- I was with a congressional candidate today who is -- I did some commercials for him. What do you think the commercials were about? ObamaCare. ObamaCare. ObamaCare. ObamaCare.

    CAVUTO: Really?

    And that was the number one issue in this race in Florida.

    GIULIANI: And this is another one of these two percent districts, if you go Republican-Democrat. I look at the polling. I look at a lot of good polling from Arthur Finkelstein and other people. This is a very, very dramatic, deep issue.

    CAVUTO: Well, how do you think it's going to go? If you had to take your bets right now, the House, the Senate, how do you think?

    GIULIANI: All right, no hope for the Democrats in the House. Republicans pick up seats.

    CAVUTO: Really? Do they pick up seats in the Senate, take the Senate?

    GIULIANI: I used to think it was 50/50. I'm now thinking it's 52/48 that we do.

    CAVUTO: Wow.

    GIULIANI: I think...

    CAVUTO: All on this issue?

    GIULIANI: Well...

    CAVUTO: Because, you know, the Democratic argument is, by then, things are going to be moving better.


    CAVUTO: Do you buy that?

    GIULIANI: That was their argument three years ago.

    CAVUTO: Right.

    GIULIANI: But they're delaying it.

    If things were going to move better, if this was going to work, they would have implemented it. But I don't think the Democrats grasp the fact that ObamaCare that goes deeper into the soul of America. ObamaCare is taking away my freedom. It's taking away my ability to make choices.

    That goes deeper than just health care. It's getting to almost a spiritual issue, an issue around which Americans define themselves. And then when you add to that all of the big government of Obama, it becomes really, not just an issue -- it becomes a symbol of what's wrong with this administration.

    And I don't think the Democrats have the slightest idea of how deeply they trouble the American people. When -- when -- when people hear about NSA, NSA excesses, which I happen to, in fact, not be troubled by -- but they are -- they see that as another piece of, oh, this government is just taking over there.

    They're listening to our conversations. They're taking over the financial industry. They're taking over the pharmaceutical industry. They're blocking energy. They're over-regulating businesses, and they won't allow me to have the doctor that I want. They won't allow me to have the health care plan I want.

    CAVUTO: So it all becomes part of a narrative that they don't like?

    GIULIANI: It rolls up. It isn't like an isolated issue...

    CAVUTO: Yes.

    GIULIANI: .. sitting out there all by itself.

    CAVUTO: Well, no, you're right.