• With: Joe Grano

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    NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: All right, did conservatives just send Christie CPAC-ing? The New Jersey governor coming in fourth in CPAC's straw poll, so Rand Paul and Ted Cruz and Ben Carson are in, a sign that mainstream Republicans, like the governor, like Paul Ryan, and all these other guys are out?

    To UBS CEO and former Christie supporter -- he's a current Christie supporter -- he's a former UBS -- my bad -- I apologize.

    Joe Grano, he is not worried about all of this.

    Why not?

    JOSEPH GRANO JR., FORMER CHAIRMAN, UBS: Well, first of all, that poll has yet to be a leading indicator.

    I mean, post-Reagan, you had Jack Kemp winning it. You have had Phil Gramm, Giuliani.

    CAVUTO: Yes, that's true.

    GRANO: And, in 1999, how about a gentleman by the name of Gary Bauer?


    CAVUTO: Oh, yes.

    GRANO: Yes.

    CAVUTO: So, you don't put much stock in it?

    GRANO: No, I don't.

    CAVUTO: But it does reflect sentiment when the top three finishers are all, for want of a better term, Joe, non-mainstreamers.

    GRANO: I had a chance to look at some of Rand Paul's commentary.

    I thought he did a very good job in his commentary, and a little bit of a wakeup call for the Republican Party. The other part I like about it is half of the attendees are young people between 18 and 22.

    CAVUTO: Very good point.

    GRANO: I think it's very important that the Republican Party gets an inclusive message to the youth of our nation.

    CAVUTO: Someone was telling me -- maybe it was you -- that if Republicans succeed in getting just a couple of percent point more of the young, couple of percent point more of minorities, that they would be winning.

    GRANO: And...

    CAVUTO: But they can't.

    GRANO: And women. Don't count out women.

    CAVUTO: Right.

    GRANO: Yes.

    CAVUTO: Why can't they?

    GRANO: Because their message is, today, too far right. It has to move to center, and it has to be more exclusive. I think you have to get...


    CAVUTO: What makes it far right?

    GRANO: I think some of the radical positions and some of the...

    CAVUTO: You don't like the social issues coming up, right?

    GRANO: I don't like them at all. I don't...


    CAVUTO: So when Mike Huckabee...

    GRANO: Yes.

    CAVUTO: ... you know, thumps the Bible and that, what do you think of that?

    GRANO: No.

    Yes, if somebody asks me are you pro-choice or pro-life, my answer is I'm pro-choice, but my choice is pro-life. I'm not here to tell anyone else what their choice should be.

    CAVUTO: You sound like Bill Clinton.