• With: Ken Langone

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    NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: All right, now to the political storm from all of this, a new Quinnipiac poll showing, in a 2016 matchup for president -- I know what you're thinking. Neil, it's 2014. It gets a little old.

    But here we go. In this 2016 matchup, Chris Christie is now trailing Hillary Clinton 46 percent to 38 percent. Now, a poll last month showed the two virtually tied at 40 percent.

    So is Home Depot co-founder Ken Langone worried?

    Now, he just held a very private meet-and-greet with the governor and about 200 key fund raisers at his Florida home. He joins me now on the phone first on Fox.

    Ken, good to have you. Happy new year.


    Can I check -- correct one thing?

    CAVUTO: Sure.

    LANGONE: The people that were invited to my home were not fund raisers at all.

    CAVUTO: What were they? Who were they?

    LANGONE: Well, they were friends of mine and people that are interested in the country that I wanted to meet Governor Christie. There was nothing to do with fund-raising at all.



    CAVUTO: Did they give -- did they give any money to the governor?

    LANGONE: No!


    LANGONE: It was not a fund-raiser, not a nickel.

    CAVUTO: All right. All right.

    LANGONE: Now, one more thing, Neil.

    Please, instead of calling me a billionaire, why don't you call me a charming, warm and fuzzy guy, huh?


    CAVUTO: I can't lie, Ken.

    LANGONE: No, I don't want you to lie!

    CAVUTO: All right. All right.

    LANGONE: But you know I'm warm and fuzzy.

    CAVUTO: You are. You're actually a wonderful guy. And you have stuck by Chris Christie...

    LANGONE: You're damn right!

    CAVUTO: ... when a lot of people were peeling off. And very early on...

    LANGONE: Wait. I don't know of anybody peeling off.



    Well, you know, you have got an attitude going here, Ken. I just -- I don't know what happened here.


    LANGONE: No, no, what I'm saying, Neil, is not an attitude, but if you make a statement like that, that is not true.

    CAVUTO: So, all right. So, you don't see -- among the people you talk to, some of them are not getting antsy?

    We just had a GOP fund raiser here just a couple of days ago raising concerns among that crowd that they're not so sure he will survive this. You think they're wrong?

    LANGONE: He will survive it if one thing prevails, that what he said his involvement was, was what it was.

    If he lied -- and I -- I'm certain he hasn't lied. I'm certain what he said is the absolute truth. I trust the man. This will go away. It ought to go away as quickly, at least, as Benghazi ought to go away for Hillary Clinton or the IRS scandal.