• With: Garrett Tenney, David Kennedy

    BOLLING: All right, David, one quick question before we go.

    I don't know if it's urban legend or if it's true, but I believe you're only on the hook for something like $50 if someone spends a lot of money on your card. The bank or institution will cover the rest of it. Is that accurate? Is that false?

    KENNEDY: That's pretty accurate.

    Actually, I had an incident myself where I went to Russia. I came back and they cloned my credit card. And they actually bought $3,000 worth of beer and gas. And it must have been a good, good party or whatnot.


    KENNEDY: But, you know, the bank called me and asked me if I was in Canada or not. And I said, no, I had not been. I went through the fraudulent charges, and they credited it back the same day.

    So, from a consumer perspective, it's a low risk for your information being stolen, but it's still best to cancel your credit card, get it back.

    BOLLING: Gotcha.

    David Kennedy, thank you very much, sir.

    KENNEDY: Thanks, Eric. Appreciate it.

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