• With: Neil Cavuto

    That's it for my colleagues.

    So forgive us our self-absorbed sins.

    For we know not what we do. Only that some of us think what we do matters in the great scheme of things.

    Forgetting now and then that without you watching we'd lose all these things.

    The prompter. The pay. The fancy clothes. The fancy party invites.

    That's why I think it's good when we suddenly hear about a colleague who loses a glamorous job. It tunes us into the cold reality of countless thousands who've lost far more.

    I'm not saying it humbles us.

    But it does make some of us think.

    And some of us thank our lucky stars that some of you are kind enough to even think--

    We are stars.

    I might just write that down.

    And put it in the prompter.

    For all of us to read.

    But first, let me fix this one hair out of place.

    Good night.