• With: Neil Cavuto

    Men and women who defined their existence not by the money they spent, but the money they saved.

    Not by the gravy they brought home from Washington, but the gravy train they stopped in Washington?

    Not by the regulations they could come up with to burden business.

    But the regulations they wiped off the books to help business?

    What if that was how we defined achievement in Washington?

    Achieving real and lasting fiscal relief in Washington.

    What if we redefined achievement itself?

    Not by doing more? But doing less?

    Not by how much you're spending, but waking up and recognizing we're spent?

    That would be my platform in Washington.

    You're getting nothing from me in Washington.

    Because that bridge to nowhere costs taxpayers everywhere.

    And I'm not driving on it, I'm not pushing it, and I'll be damned if the funds I try to squirrel back to some well-greased-palms back home are going benefit from it.

    That would be my calculus in Congress.

    Waking up to basic math in Congress.

    Money in.

    Money out.

    Everybody, figure it out.

    That would be my achievement.

    And this would be my bumper sticker:

    "No bacon. No bull."

    Or maybe just:

    "Cavuto: because we're out of cash."