• With: Dr. Ben Carson, Scott Brown

    And, in fact, that's -- that's, in fact, what's happening right now. And it's -- it's unfortunate. If I was giving any recommendations to the president right now, I would say, sir, pull everything back. Go on hiatus for about three to four months. Get an American company, first of all, to do the website, instead of a Canadian company and who we paid $400 million-plus, let's fix it, let's test it, and let's roll it out incrementally, like we did in Massachusetts.

    And if we find any tweaks, then let's fix it incrementally. Let's not just say to everybody, hey, by the way, if you don't get on, that's too bad, tough luck. And if you get on, hey, congratulations, but they're still going to pay more money. They need to fix it. There's a lack of -- a lack of trust right now, and there's a serious credibility problem.

    CAVUTO: But I think it's more than that, Scott.

    And, Doctor, I will raise this with you as well. This -- it's a lack of basic business knowledge problem. I mean, any time...

    BROWN: Because there's no one there who has any.


    CAVUTO: Well, but here's what worries me.


    BROWN: I'm sorry, Neil. There's...

    CAVUTO: And I will take it up with you.

    And, Doctor, if you don't mind, I want to hit you on this, because it's just a basic business issues as well as a medical issue. I remember covering this battle in Washington. We were there. I should have gotten a condo in Washington, I was there so often.

    And one of the things that came up is this notion that you could cover those with preexisting conditions. A lot of Americans are for that. You can keep your kids on your policy longer. A lot of Americans are for that. You can get all of this and not have to pay more for it.

    Well, that might seem like an ideal and it's a wonderful goal, but to assume that premiums won't go up in the face of that or that companies now facing all of this are not going to raise premiums as a result of that, is naive at best.

    And so, when this happens, and the reality of these new requirements happen and companies do have to then jettison policyholders or let them know it's going to cost you a lot more, they're not the ones being the villains. They're following the law and the new requirements, and -- and that is prompting this move on to other exchanges and the sticker shock that Americans are experiencing.

    I just think, Doctor, it would have been a lot more crucial and truthful for the president to say then, you can't get something for nothing, for those of you who get this kind of coverage, and we want to expand all this other coverage, you are going to pay more for that. It's simple math.

    CARSON: Well, the -- yes.

    Regards to Scott Brown.

    Good to see you again. There is...

    BROWN: Good to see you.

    CARSON: ... no question that -- that he is pandering and taking advantage of the fact that a lot of people have not studied these issues very deeply.

    And, you know, I again will say that it's going to become increasingly apparent what a problem this is. I just hope that all of those people who are rabidly behind the president and calling everybody else every name under the sun and thinking that they're evil will remember what I'm saying right now and see if maybe they change their minds.

    CAVUTO: Scott Brown, where is this going?

    BROWN: Hey, Neil, Neil, can I -- can I add something to that?

    CAVUTO: Sure.

    BROWN: I think you're absolutely right.

    We have all those coverages. We have -- our kids are able to be covered up to 25. We could have changed it to 26. We already -- we already addressed preexisting care and preventative care. We already did it in the Massachusetts plan. Every other state should have that option.

    To think that the federal plan, this one-size-fits-all, with the federal government, who can't seem to get out of its own way in almost everything it does run a health care plan...

    CAVUTO: All right.

    BROWN: ... a national health care plan? Forget about it.

    CAVUTO: Senator, thank you. Doctor, thank you very much.

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