• With: Rudy Giuliani

    However, you have got to teach them that. You have got to run on that. You have got to explain that. And sometimes being a good executive means doing not necessarily what is popular, but what is right. What is right for New York right now is reducing taxes, so we increase the number of jobs in New York.

    You reduce things like the sales tax, I can actually show -- I used to have a chart that would show you, you reduce the sales tax, you're going to get X-number more jobs. You reduce the income tax, you're going to get more jobs. We're a very heavily taxed city, and we have multiple -- I eliminated and reduced 22 taxes.

    When I was running for president, I put that out. They said, it can't be. You couldn't have 22 taxes.

    VARNEY: Out of time.


    VARNEY: Would you ever consider running again?


    GIULIANI: I'm not thinking about that right now.

    VARNEY: You're not thinking about that right now?

    GIULIANI: I'm thinking about my trip to Argentina later tonight.

    VARNEY: Well, good luck with that.


    VARNEY: Your Honor, thanks very much for joining us.

    GIULIANI: Take care.

    VARNEY: Pleasure, sir.

    GIULIANI: Take care.

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