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    NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: Now to the Donald the speaker hitting the links, as the Tea Party hit Republicans hard at town hall over defunding the president's health care law. Look at this.


    UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We need shout to the American people, we stand for conservative values.

    UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The Tea Party wants to know, will you vote with Mike Lee to -- and Meadows here, to defund ObamaCare, yes or no?



    UNIDENTIFIED MALE: All we want is yes or no.



    CAVUTO: Now, he went on to explain that he didn't think it would essentially get past Senator Harry Reid. But in the middle of this, you had this, Mitt Romney warning Republicans not to push for a government shutdown to defund the health care law, saying that there could be negative consequences for the economy and, well, for the party.

    So, what should the Grand Old Party do?

    To Donald Trump, who had, well, Speaker Boehner's ear at a golf outing yesterday. He joins us now on the phone.

    Donald, did he talk about in the middle of the golf game a possible government shutdown?

    DONALD TRUMP, CHAIRMAN & CEO, TRUMP HOTELS & CASINO RESORTS: Well, first of all, he's a very hard worker. And his focus is not golf. His focus is his work. But nobody wants a shutdown.


    CAVUTO: Yes, but he was golfing with -- but he was golfing with you.

    TRUMP: That is true. And we had a good time. But he is a good man.

    And nobody wants a shutdown. But, you know, ObamaCare is very, very destructive. What it is doing to the country is very, very, very bad. And we have just seen the beginning. So many businesses are going to be closing up. So many businesses are unable to afford it. So many businesses, Neil, are hiring part-time people and even taking full-time people and making them part-time, because, this way, they can escape the wrath of ObamaCare.

    So, something has to be done about ObamaCare. One way or the other, something is going to have to be done. It may die of its own weight. If you look what is happening, it may just die of its own weight. Most people have no idea what they are doing.


    CAVUTO: Well, by the way, I think that was Mitt Romney's point. This is on life support on its own. We don't -- that is Republicans -- have to push it off the edge.

    I'm paraphrasing there. But what Romney seemed to be saying is, you, Republicans, risk doing more harm to your cause trying to push a shutdown over this doing this.

    What do you think of that?

    TRUMP: Well, the one thing the Republicans have to do is, one way or the other, they have to unify. You have so many that feel shut down and just get rid of ObamaCare. It's a disaster.

    They are right about the disaster, but you have others saying we want to get rid of it, but we don't want to go that far.


    CAVUTO: I'm sorry, Donald. I just want to be clear.

    Did Boehner tell you or intimate to you that he was open to a shutdown?

    TRUMP: We didn't discuss that.

    CAVUTO: Really, 18 holes of golf, that never came up?


    TRUMP: No, we didn't discuss that. We discussed many things. We didn't discuss that. But there is a problem. And part of the problem for the Republicans is you have two very divergent groups. You have people that are hard-liners that want very much to see it shut down. You have others that are not so hard-line, but they want ObamaCare ended, because they know how destructive it will be.

    CAVUTO: Yes.

    TRUMP: And, actually, the Republicans are going to have to get together and choose one or the other. They can't be divided on the issue.

    CAVUTO: This issue has divided the party, as you pointed out, Donald.

    And a lot of the conservative folks within the party are disappointed in the speaker and in particularly how he been following up on these various scandals coming out of the White House. This is Mark Levin. I want you to react to this, an interview I had earlier with Mark Levin.


    MARK LEVIN, TALK RADIO HOST: The speaker of the House, he is in charge of organizing these investigations in the House, and he won't. They're flopping around. They're navel-gazing.