• With: KT McFarland

    Industry repatriates into the United States. All that stuff and all those businesses that left and went to Mexico, went to Asia come back to the United States because energy is almost free. And we enjoy the energy resources that other countries don't have. Everybody has the ability to frack if they get the technology. We have the economic conditions and the way the tide oil is aligned, I won't go into the weeds with it, but we have the ability to get that oil out. It's near where our manufacturing centers are. It's where a lot of water is.

    CAVUTO: Well, we have it right here.

    MCFARLAND: We have it here.

    CAVUTO: The question is are we going to be prevent using it?


    MCFARLAND: If you're an alcoholic and you have got a free bottle of booze right there and you have got an expensive couple of bottles behind the bar, eventually you're going to go for the free bottle.

    CAVUTO: True. Very true. Thank you very much.

    MCFARLAND: Thank you.

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