• Let's just say heated.

    And not exactly business as usual this past weekend.

    Thousands of emails have been pouring in to ask what happened.

    Today, I thought it time--

    To answer them. And explain myself.

    To you.

    Welcome, everybody, I'm Neil Cavuto.

    And one viewer called it, "Cavuto Unleashed."

    Still another, "Chunky, without his chunky monkey."

    All talking about behavior they thought out of character, and for some, over the top.

    Cynthia e-mails:

    "You're the host. Act like it."

    Thomas in New York City:

    "So anyone who disagrees with you, you just cut their mike?"

    No, Thomas, only this guy's. And since this is the first time, it's hardly a pattern.

    Paul via Yahoo! Agrees:

    "It takes a lot to get you rattled. Today you were rattled, and frankly, I was glad to see it."

    John G., Satellite Beach, Florida:

    "The worst part is you paid Julian to frustrate you."

    Kim e-mails:

    "Good thing that Julian fellow was on a remote. I really thought you would have lunged for him if he were there in person."

    K.M. in Palm Beach, Florida:

    "What happened, Cavuto, someone stole your meds? Or worse, mixed them up on you?"

    Heather in Mississippi:

    "When the calmest anchor I know acts like this, I can only conclude he's bipolar. I'm a doctor, I can help."

    Vitter e-mails:

    "You were right to get annoyed. It's a wonder you haven't many times before, the way you put up with these liberal loons."

    Elfie M., Clarksville, Tennessee:

    "Yes, you are connecting the dots big time. There is a very calculated pattern which results in the total control of this country's population."

    Tom in Wheaton, Illinois, just welcomes my temper:

    "I always think that we should judge people by whether or not they would be fun at parties. I believe you would be fun at a party. Keep up the good work."

    I'm not quite sure that's a compliment, Tom. But so it goes. And on it went.

    Thousands of emails over a heated weekend show about a very hot issue:

    All of these privacy invasions.

    Invasions that my guest Julian Epstein insisted must be looked at individually.

    I disagreed, and urged all to keep the politics out of it and see the pattern collectively.

    As I said on this show and many times before, these stunning and sweeping assaults on our personal privacies should worry all Americans. Because this isn't left or right.

    This is wrong.

    And when key house Democrats, including New York's Jerry Nadler and Virginia's Bobby Scott, want hearings on these NSA invasions, it's clear they think something is wrong.