• With: Robert Wolf, Former Chairman of UBS Americas

    WOLF: It doesn't address it. Three months doesn't do anything.


    CAVUTO: How do you think Wall Street will be then in these remaining weeks and months and years?

    WOLF: I think they're going to be nervous about the debt ceiling, this sequestration that hurts GDP and the fiscal deal that -- once again, everyone wants deficit reduction. They do not want debt pouring on.

    CAVUTO: You believe there is still an appetite to cut spending? This is this walkway that connects, by the way, the White House, the North Portico, with what will be this reviewing stand I told you about.

    As you can see, the motorcades go through to the South Lawn entrance, the south side of the White House behind the White House, in other words, the back of this building you're looking at right now and then they go to the White House to this walkway. It seems like an elaborate way just to get to this darn reviewing stand. But who am I to judge?

    But, nevertheless, you are looking at this and seeing what, Robert? It seems like more gamesmanship on both sides. There's a brief window to address it, what?

    WOLF: The economy is doing better. So that is clear. So, everyone is happy about that.

    Housing is coming back. I think there is an alignment between the business community and the priorities of the executive office, immigration reform, education and corporate tax reform. But we need those other things we mentioned about and that you keep talking about, the debt ceiling, happen first.

    CAVUTO: Right.

    WOLF: Otherwise, this is going to be an uncertain year.

    CAVUTO: Why didn't you get picked for Treasury? Now, nothing against Jack Lew, but they always say they need guys like you with the kind of bread and butter experience doing this to do it.

    WOLF: Well, I am very flattered. Fox should maybe start a campaign for me. I'm very flattered.


    CAVUTO: Robert Wolf, thank you very, very much.


    WOLF: Always great to be on. Thank you.

    CAVUTO: Same here, Robert.

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