• With: Rep. Tim Huelskamp, Rep. Charlie Rangel


    ROTHMAN: We need a grand bargain. The entitlement system in this country is in serious jeopardy.

    (CROSSTALK) RANGEL: We all want a grand bargain, but the people at the stock market are looking forward to this, that we have not fallen off of a cliff, that people are talking to each other. They should have.

    And, as I started off, we shouldn't be proud of the fact that grown people and leaders that have been elected are talking with each other. But for crying out loud, don't knock that. That is all we have got now, and we have to take that and see whether we can improve upon it.

    But before we have anything that has been publicly announced, I don't think that we should be complaining that it is not as grand as we wish it would be. What we should do now is to learn a lesson and see to it and promise the American people that this will never happen again.

    ROTHMAN: Right.

    RANGEL: So let's move toward...


    ROTHMAN: I am complaining because I don't know what my tax bill is going to look like in 2013.

    And, quite honestly, Congressman, that scares me.


    ROTHMAN: I'm so sorry I have to leave it there.


    ROTHMAN: I don't mean to take the last word.


    ROTHMAN: But...


    RANGEL: Well, listen, 2013 is tomorrow.

    So let's see whether we can get some good exciting news tonight...


    RANGEL: ... and work together and try to make up for the disappointments that we have caused the American people, and to make certain that we don't cause this for the entire world...

    ROTHMAN: All right.

    RANGEL: ... who is so dependent on us.

    ROTHMAN: All right, we will look at the glass half-full just because you are telling us to.

    Congressman, thank you so much for joining us.

    RANGEL: Good for you.


    RANGEL: Good for you.

    ROTHMAN: Thank you once again, Congressman Charlie Rangel.

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