• With: Scott Soucy

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    ERIC BOLLING, GUEST HOST: Amid all this fighting in Washington, my next guest has a plan to fight the nation's debt, and it doesn't rely on Congress at all.

    Scott Soucy wants to pay it off one dollar at a time. The retired Army captain and small business owner joins me now.

    Now, Soucy, I met you in the green room over there. I think I met you in makeup. And you said -- guys -- that's unusual, for two guys to meet in a makeup room. True.

    SCOTT SOUCY, OWNER, SECURE TRANSPORT, LLC: First time, first time makeup.

    BOLLING: Now you're a headliner. You're seven-and-a-half, eight minutes into a show, big show, and you're wearing "I'm a limo guy" green T- shirt?

    SOUCY: I am a limo guy.

    And, listen, that's the beauty of this program, Eric, is that even though...

    BOLLING: What is the program? Let's get that out there.

    SOUCY: Here's the program.

    The program is, I want one dollar from every one of your paychecks. That's it. OK, so there are four debt buster -- four debt buster months in a year. And so if you get paid twice in a month, I'm looking for $8 out of you, Eric. Can you do it?

    BOLLING: OK, well -- OK, sure I can do that.

    SOUCY: OK.

    BOLLING: But why would I?

    So every working man, woman and even a minor, anyone working, is going to give you a dollar?

    SOUCY: No.

    BOLLING: Give a fund a dollar per paycheck?

    SOUCY: One dollar per paycheck, that's it. And we show you how to do it. We show you how to send your eight bucks in a year, Eric, to the Bureau of Public Debt in Parkersburg, West Virginia. OK? So, that's all of us as citizens. So, how many -- what do you think, about 220 million citizens can participate?

    BOLLING: Now, wait a minute. I did some math on this.

    SOUCY: OK.

    BOLLING: I got to tell you, Scott, there's 153 million people in the work force.

    SOUCY: So, you do the math on that.

    BOLLING: I'll do it for you.

    SOUCY: Go ahead.

    BOLLING: There's a problem.

    SOUCY: What is the problem?

    BOLLING: It's $7.95 billion a year if everyone pays a dollar every single week of a year.

    SOUCY: So that's $8 billion just from the citizens.

    Now, me as a debt buster company -- so here's the beauty of it.


    SOUCY: Me, as a debt buster company, four months of the year, if there are companies out there doing million-plus transactions that are over $10 per transaction, all I'm looking for is one buck. So, me as a small company, if I do 100 transactions in a month, I pool that money together. Now you're into the trillions.


    BOLLING: You're a good guy, Scott. You're a business owner. You're a former serviceperson.

    SOUCY: Yes, sir.

    BOLLING: I love you for all that. I hate you for taxing me more than I'm already taxed.

    SOUCY: And that's -- that's -- and, Eric, here's the thing.

    What I want people to -- I don't want people to get all excited about this "fiscal cliff." Right?


    SOUCY: And so you laugh, right.