• With: Rep. Karen Bass

    CAVUTO: And you haven't. You haven't.

    BASS: Absolutely.

    Well, you know what? If he were to get past that rule, I guarantee you there would be enough Democrats that are willing to make cuts, because Democrats have been willing to make cuts.

    CAVUTO: Oh, I don't know, Congresswoman.

    I had a couple of your colleagues here in the last couple weeks, and I would beg them to come up with a spending cut. And I had a group of the Congressional Black Caucus that says, no, leave entitlements alone, another large group saying leave Social Security alone.

    I can probably understand that. It is not part of this.


    CAVUTO: Well, wait a minute. Hear me out.

    BASS: Go ahead.

    CAVUTO: So, when I asked them the name one thing they would cut, they could not come up with it.

    So, I am not here to take sides. I am saying you can't blame Republicans who would entertain a hike in taxes, which goes against their DNA, when they are not getting anything in return for it.

    BASS: Well, now, you ask me what I would cut, and I will tell you.

    CAVUTO: What?

    BASS: I think that there is plenty to cut in defense. But I also think that there's ways that we can have savings and make cuts in Medicare as well that don't change the guarantee, because I think that is kind of the bottom line. We can find billions of dollars.

    CAVUTO: So, you would put Medicare on the table, you would dissect it, you would look at it. And to your other colleagues who do not want to even address it, you say what?

    BASS: Well, I actually believe that my colleagues are willing to address it. I think what they don't want to do...

    CAVUTO: No, they are not. No, no.

    BASS: No, wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute.

    They do not support Paul Ryan's plan to turn Medicare into a voucher system.

    CAVUTO: Fine, fine. That, I understand.

    BASS: But you can find savings in Medicare.

    CAVUTO: But they have not offered cuts, they have not offered savings.

    BASS: No, I think that plenty of my colleagues have.

    Now, I am not sure which ones who you have interviewed, but in terms of those that I know the are willing to come to the table and make serious cuts, and in the two years that I have been here, Democrats have voted..


    CAVUTO: Do you think there are enough of them, Congresswoman? Do you think there are enough of them?

    BASS: I do. I do.

    CAVUTO: Really? Really?

    BASS: I do. I do think there are enough of them, if you put together Republican votes and Democratic votes.

    But as long as Speaker Boehner is held hostage to the notion that he won't put forward a bill until 218 Republicans...


    CAVUTO: Wait a minute. If he is held hostage to the far right in his party -- you might be right about that -- your party is equally calling the shots on the extreme left side leaving out most spending and leaving out entitlements, so both -- both -- both sides are to blame.


    BASS: Let me just tell you, well, I don't think so.

    I will tell you one thing. I don't believe that the Democrats would have ever done to Leader Pelosi what they did to Speaker Boehner last night. That was atrocious, the way they treated him. I do think that if he would break with that one rule and say, I have to have the majority...

    CAVUTO: Wait a minute. You don't remember Blue Dog Democrats who coughed up that health care plan, who didn't want any part of it?

    BASS: Well, I do have to tell you it was before my time.


    BASS: But what I do know...