• With: Rep. Karen Bass

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    UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Santa doesn't have anything against the rich. They should just pay their fair share of taxes.



    NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: You are not Santa. You are not Santa.

    All right, now, I know it is getting ridiculous, Santa back on Capitol Hill today, this time delivering a wheelbarrow full of coal to Republicans who refused to hike taxes. And then there's doozy from Nancy Pelosi today that was aimed at Republicans.


    HOUSE MINORITY LEADER NANCY PELOSI, D-CALIF.: Giving like reverse Robin Hood. We're taking food out the mouths of babies and seniors to give a tax cut to the wealthiest and tax bills to the middle class.


    CAVUTO: You cannot get a deal done, my friends, when you are calling each other names.

    To California Democratic Congresswoman Karen Bass. She is a member of the Budget Committee.

    Congresswoman, you are not that way. You're not demeaning. You do not take cheap shots at the other guys.


    CAVUTO: People might disagree with you. But I just think that is out of order and I think this Santa thing is -- is just pushing it. What say you?

    BASS: Well, I think that we really are in a bad situation.

    And I was listening to your earlier guests. And, you know, I certainly want to go home for Christmas, but I was more than willing to stay. The only problem is, is that we recessed last night. And so we were really kind of left all puzzled, going, well, OK, we did not have the votes for that. Couldn't we stay around and continue to work?

    But if the leadership does gavel down and send us on recess, we are really kind of stuck.


    CAVUTO: Well, the leadership -- you might be right. I am amazed that this is even happening.

    But, Congresswoman, maybe the...

    BASS: Me, too.

    CAVUTO: From what I know covering the vote last night on this plan B thing and how it fell apart, apparently the view was we are going nowhere fast, we have just got to chill.

    But to your point, there is not a lot of time to chill.

    BASS: Absolutely.

    But you know what, though? The thing that was surprising to me is that when Speaker Boehner had his press conference and said he was going to put plan B forward, I would have thought that he would have counted the votes before he said that.

    And then Majority Leader Cantor said early yesterday afternoon that we definitely have the votes to move forward. So, frankly, I have a lot of empathy for Speaker Boehner. I think the way his caucus treated him last night was absolutely appalling, to do that at the last minute like that.

    CAVUTO: Well, it is done, as you say here.

    BASS: It is.

    CAVUTO: And now it raises a question, though. If it is this difficult to get a tax hike through on millionaires, how the heck are they going to get one through presumably on $400,000-aires?

    And more to the point...

    BASS: Right.

    CAVUTO: ... those who bolted, and bolted because it wasn't so much the tax thing. It was that they were not seeing any spending cuts offered on your side. It has poisoned the well, hasn't it?

    BASS: Oh, but let me tell you how it gets done.

    Speaker Boehner has got to break with the rule that he has to have the majority of Republicans on the deal. How many Republicans can he bring to the table? That's what has to happen. His caucus shouldn't hold him hostage like that.

    He needs to make a major address to the American people and say, you know what? It is so important that I get this deal done, I can only bring 80 Republicans to the table...


    CAVUTO: All right, but that behooves your side then to come up with cuts, right, to make that job easier?

    BASS: No, absolutely.