• Annie's talking about Harry Reid wanting to get a waiver so senators can bring food into a private screening of Steven Spielberg's Lincoln in the congressional visitor center auditorium.

    Kathy in Middleboro, Mass.

    "The fact that Harry Reid and the other senators are voting on such foolishness and they will not pass a budget. And Congress voting on the word "lunatic" being taken out oh my god, what the hell is happening to us?"

    I shudder to think, Kathy. I shudder to think.

    Don via Hotmail.

    "Since when did a movie become so important that we put our budget and taxes on the back burner so we can pass a motion to allow food in a theater?"

    Buzz e-mails.

    "Neil, Reid wants food in the chamber so they can eat when they filibuster."

    Alex via AOL.

    "I think a Lincoln screening, with or without munchies, is a great idea. It might teach these knuckleheads something about backbone."

    That's a very good point, Alex.

    But not nearly as good a point as today's "e-mail" of the week!!!

    Jessie writes.

    "Just so you know, my mom and I both love you and actually fight over who should have the chance to marry you first. So take heart, Cavuto, the next time someone calls you fat, loud, pompous, ugly, just know there are two beautiful blondes that would scrap like high schoolers over you."

    Well relax, ladies, enough of me to go around here.