• We interrupt this program to talk about well, my "interrupting" on this program.

    Some of you have had enough say I go too far.

    Art e-mails.

    "Your voice is very grating and you continue to interrupt your guests when they are answering your questions. Why don't you retire?"

    Donald, Grove City, Ohio.

    "Cavuto, will you please shut up and let your guests talk?"

    Jim in Bradenton, Florida.

    "When you ask a question, shut up and listen to the answer. Your guests are trying to explain something and you keep interrupting. It's rude as hell."

    Jim, it's rude if they really "are" explaining, not so if they're just "avoiding."

    And in this age of fiscal-cliff-yapping politicians, who'd rather spout speeches than offer solutions, a lot of avoiding go on here very few specifics being offered here.

    You might find it rude to interrupt a speech, Jim; I find it ruder allowing one.

    Bette in Las Cruces, N.M.

    "I understand the need to prevent them from rambling on, but if that's what they are going to do, why bother booking them?"

    To get answers, Bette. And when they're not answering, or worse, stone-walling I have to step in.

    Still, some argue I don't step in enough!!

    Carl in N.Y..

    "You let Democrats spin and spin."

    Elaina in Detroit.

    "Curious how you never interrupt a Republican, Cavuto? Don't 'ya think?"

    Are these guys watching the same show?

    This from Sal in New Jersey.

    "You’re a gutless, spineless, lap dog to whatever powerful guest you're sucking up to. You sit on that fancy set of yours like a clueless Buddha..."

    "...letting these politicians run roughshod all over you. If you don't have it in you to challenge, how do I get this to your boss Roger Ailes so I can have him fire you?"

    Say I'm Bill O'Reilly, Sal.

    Anne via MSN.

    "You're a fat ignoramus."

    Anne, you're wrong. I'm not an ignoramus.

    Kelly in Oregon.

    "Why don't you engage your guests more and show some class, instead of all but calling them names, you puffed-up, plastic-hair blowhard."

    I'll consider the classy suggestion, Kelly.

    This from David via AOL.

    "If you're so smart, why do you look and sound so dumb?"

    You got me, David. Good genes, maybe?

    Vincent via Yahoo.

    "Someone told me your voice sounds the way it does because you're sick or something. Then I'm in a doctor's office and I caught this article on you...

    And I felt bad. Not bad enough to like you just bad that Fox couldn't see through its pity and find someone healthy and with it to replace you."

    Oooooookay, Vincent. I'll put you down as "not" yet a fan.

    Alonzo in Puerto Rico writes

    "Where I come from, we beat the crap out of arrogant jerks like you."