• With: Jimmy John Liautaud, Jimmy John's founder

    CAVUTO: But that's actually been made fun of by the Democrats, by Joe Biden and Barack Obama, saying not all of us can approach our parents and get money.

    LIAUTAUD: Hey, listen, I totally understand that.

    I was absolutely blessed. And I'm really fortunate that my parents were there for me. And I hope that I can give back to society the way they have and the way -- I just -- I was very fortunate.

    CAVUTO: In the meantime, you've made some news by saying, when it comes to Illinois; you might pull out to lower tax environments. Florida has come up. Texas has come up.

    LIAUTAUD: Yes.

    CAVUTO: Where does that stand?

    LIAUTAUD: Here is where it stands. I don't mind paying the tax.

    The tax -- it's OK to pay tax. And I'm very good with paying the tax. But we spend so much time and effort making that money. And I don't like the inefficiency in which it's spent. It's disrespected. When we're regulated and disciplined in time, when to send it in, how to send it in, but when they disrespect it the way they do it, with their inefficiencies and poor planning, it doesn't make me feel good about it.

    I can go to Indiana, where Mitch Daniels is using his excess cash to build infrastructure.

    CAVUTO: Well, where are you going to go?

    LIAUTAUD: I don't know yet. I like Texas.

    CAVUTO: Oh, you're playing one off the other.

    LIAUTAUD: Well, we’re doing a little of that, but that’s normal.

    CAVUTO: I see.

    And you seem to feed the Romney staff with your sandwiches, right? Is that a given?

    LIAUTAUD: Absolutely. I feed the Romney staff.

    CAVUTO: Does he eat your stuff? Does he eat your stuff? He seems like a health nut.

    LIAUTAUD: I think he eats it once in a while. But you know what? The Obama staff likes them too.

    CAVUTO: Really?

    LIAUTAUD: Yeah, they do.

    CAVUTO: So you’re a fair and balanced food provider.

    LIAUTAUD: There you go.

    CAVUTO: Jimmy, thank you very, very much. Your sandwiches are legend. Very good to see you.

    LIAUTAUD: Thank you for having me, Neil.

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